About Earthy Delights


Earthy Delights has been America's premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American chefs and retailers for 30 years.  Earthy Delights pioneered the use of overnight delivery to get fresh produce from the farm to the kitchen in the shortest time possible, becoming leaders in bringing wild-harvested and handcrafted foods from small harvesters and growers to a larger audience.


Earthy Delights specializes in wild mushrooms and other seasonal wild-harvested items, fresh specialty produce, artisanally produced cheese, aged balsamic vinegar, exotic spices and hard-to find ingredients to both the professional chef and the cooking enthusiast.  Our catalog of unique foods & ingredients is constantly expanding to meet and anticipate the needs of the adventurous professional and at-home chef.


Earthy Delights continues to use the the latest advances in technology to create a new business model for the 21st century, enabling us to be a valuable resource for anyone seeking information on gourmet ingredients and their use.


Just as important, we continue to use these emerging technologies to transform our workplace into an efficiently run, yet humane and nurturing place.


We cannot live without food - why not eat well?

Earthy Delights seeks out foods that are made with integrity, that make eating a pleasure, and that are healthful. We pledge to treat our suppliers, our products, our customers, and one another with caring and with respect.


Our goals are:

  • To offer a great selection of high-quality, great tasting, healthful food
  • To offer great service and be a trusted source of culinary information
  • To conduct business in an honest, ethical and respectful manner
  • To create a challenging, rewarding, and caring workplace
  • To achieve sustained growth and value for our shareholders
  • To contribute and give back to our community



Earthy Delights

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Okemos MI 48864

tel 855.328.8732

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