These exclusive Gourmet Mushrooms cultivars are noted for their crisp texture, mild shellfish flavor profile and stunning appearance on the plate.(aka honshimeji or bunashimeji).

Handling and Storage:
The entire mushroom is edible including the stem. Shelf life is over a week in unopened bag. Once opened, transfer to breathable container (paper bag, colander covered with towel, etc.) and use within four days. Trim the base lightly and leave in bunchlettes or separate into single stems as desired.

The shellfish profile is more noticeable in the Alba variety and for this reason it finds a natural compliment with Sauvignon Blanc. The Brown variety is adaptable to a wide range of treatments and pairings. Both mushrooms have a nutty richness that enhances the flavor of foods with which they are paired.

Some chefs like to blanch this mushroom for two or three minutes in lightly salted water. This technique reduces a flavor component which some find slightly bitter, but others identify as mineral and pleasantly wild.

After blanching, cool the mushrooms in a single layer. The mushrooms may then be cooked immediately, or refrigerated up to two days.


As with wild mushrooms you will find that Clamshell" varieties respond to fast, hot cooking methods including sauté, stir-fry, broiling and high temperature roasting.


Excellent for tomato seafood chowders, tempura, marinated with seafood salads, and a beautiful garnish for fish of any kind.

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