All That the Rain Promises and More
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Over 200 edible and poisonous mushrooms are depicted with simple checklists of their identifying features, as author David Arora celebrates the fun in fungi with the same with and wisdom, fact and fancy, that has made his comprehensive guide, Mushrooms Demystified, the mushroom hunter’s bible.


While this is not an exhaustive reference book (try Arora's Mushrooms Demystified), the photos, descriptions and handy charts will get you headed in the right direction for learning to identify wild mushrooms while you hunt. This handy pocket-sized field guide may not be able to identify every mushroom you come acros, but the mushrooms you're most likely to encounter are all there.


It's always a pleasure to read a book written by someone who loves their subject. This little book makes it clear that David Arora LOVES mushrooms - and he knows a lot about them. More than just a field guide, All the Rain Promises and More shows the human side of the wonderful world of fungi. Recipes, stories and humorous anecdotes are sprinkled throughout, as well as colorful photos of both the mushrooms themselves and of their happy finders.


If you love foraging for mushrooms, or if you even think might like to forage for mushrooms, this book is for you. Handy for both experienced mushroomers and novices alike. If you own just one guidebook to wild mushrooms, All That the Rain Promises is the book.


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