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Crispy "Smashed" Potatoes with Truffle Oil
  Chawan Mushi with Matsutake Mushrooms
Chawan Mushi with Matsutake Mushrooms
  Inari (brown bag style) Sushi

An easy sushi rice dish made with fried tofu pockets stuffed with the rice. Simple and delicious.
Artichoke Hearts with Caviar

This appetizer is strictly elegant, and it will offer something new and different in the way of flavor combinations. It's simple to make and delectable to eat.
  Asparagus with Wild Chanterelles

  Avocados Stuffed with Truffled Lobster Salad

Avocados, lobsters and truffles!

Combine the three in a simple recipe and the result is exquisite - worthy of any occasion.
Brie Baked in Puff Pastry
 Brie Baked  in Puff Pastry
  Beer Battered Mushrooms

  Black Truffle Frittata

Black Trumpet Mushrooms a la Plancha

  Brandied Cheese, Walnut, and Pear Crostini

This is a truly elegant holiday dish, especially when paired with a bowl of fresh grapes. It's rich and hot and absolutely marvelous served with a dry white wine in front of a crackling fire.
  Breakfast Bruschetta

Waking up is easy if you have something like this to look forward to.
Caviar Cocottes

This is an exquisitely delicious appetizer for special occasions. Very easy to make yet elegant.
  Chanterelle Souffle

  Chanterelles with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

This recipe is a variation on the standard bruschetta. The white wine, olives, Marsala and soy sauce lend a sharply distinctive taste that you'll find a refreshing change from "every day" bruschetta.

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