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Lobster Mushroom Frittata

  Mascarpone and Fiddlehead Puff Pastry Delight

  Morel Mushroom Bake

This is a simple recipe, long on flavor, and short on fussy preparation time. This is super when served with hot homemade soup, and absolutely beyond compare served with something elegant, like a roasted pheasant or wild game.
Morel Mushroom Tart

This is a spectacular "bring the house down" appetizer that can also be served as an entree. Either way, it's uniquely memorable. You can really simplify things if you purchase an excellent quality prepared dough.
  Morel Pate

This is a great appetizer served with toast points or artisinal bread. Part of the secret to a well-prepared appetizer is to serve it in limited quantities. It should trigger your appetite without satisfying it. It should leave you wanting more.
  Morel and Ramp Crostini

Morel and Truffle Gratinee

  Morel, Ramp, and Truffle Gratinee

Spring "casserole" that reaches the heights of gustatory delight! Fresh morels and ramps, topped off with decadent Hollandaise sauce!
  Morels in Cream on Brioche

Morels in Puff Pastry

A delicious and unique variation for serving morels in a dazzling presentation. The extra work is well worth the results.
  Mushroom Crostini

A delicious and oh, so easy variation on a classic, crostini! Chanterelles par excellence....
  Mushroom Frittata

Mushroom Ragout

  Olive Rosemary Crostini

This is a delicious way to spend a half hour while waiting for dinner. Munch on some delicious crostini - not too filling but with a wonderful variety of flavors that will prime your taste buds for dinner. Perfect with chilled Pinot Grigio.
  Panang Meatballs

The curry powder, coconut milk, and fish sauce lend a distinctive and exotic flavor that leaves everyone guessing.

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