Arugula, Truffle and Pecorino Salad

Arugula, Truffle and Pecorino Salad
Truffles are known in Italy as tartufi. In the province of Pesaro they are harvested throughout the year and enjoyed in soups, omelets, and on salads. Just a small amount of truffle will enhance any dish you make. A little goes a long way.

4 cups arugula, trimmed, washed, and chilled
6 oz fresh truffles
1 Meyer lemon, juiced and zested
4 oz freshly shaved Pecorino cheese
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
1/2 cup loosely packed mint leaves, rinsed and dried




Divide the greens onto 4 dinner plates. Slice the truffles thinly and acidulate them with 1/2 of the lemon juice.

 Portion the truffles onto the greens, then top with shavings of pecorino.


In a small bowl, beat the olive oil with the remaining lemon juice and add one teaspoon of sea salt, grindings of pepper, and the lemon zest.

Pour the dressing over the greens and strew with mint leaves.



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