BLiS Elixer XO Fine Solera Sherry Vinegar - 100 ml
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BLiS ages extra old fine sherry vinegar a second time in rare, 18 year old, maple cured, single bourbon casks.

Bourbon casks that have previously aged pure maple syrup for many months are assembled in a true solera system. While expensive and time consuming, this method of further aging produces a one of a kind, very complex vinegar.

With notes of butterscotch, vanilla and tart chocolate, BLiS Elixer vinegar is more universal than balsamic in application due to its most interesting and unique flavor profile.


Product of Michigan

100 ml bottle








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Warm Chanterelle & Pancetta Salad
Think of this salad as a close cousin of the classic "Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Dressing" - only better!
The earthy flavor of chanterelles is highlighted by rich pancetta and the nuttiness of pine nuts and sherry vinegar.

Toss with some spicy salad greens and you've got a whole lotta flavor going on.

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Asparagus Benedict With Miso-Butter
This luscious dish is adapted from a recipe by New York chef David Chang. We've spun it into something a little more familiar to most of us - probably the most famous brunch dish of them all, Eggs Benedict. Our version replaces the usual Hollandaise sauce with an equally rich, equally tasty Miso Butter. Make this dish all your own by adding other ingredients - Canadian bacon or pancetta, smoked salmon or maybe even crab, lobster and/or truffles.
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Crab and Truffle Salad
Almost like gilding the lily, but you and your guests deserve it! Easy to make and unforgettable.
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Chive Sauce
Basically a variation on the classic "beurre blanc", this sauce is an elegant accompaniment to grilled and roasted seafood, meat or poultry.
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