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Bison Tenderloin Steaks - 20 x 8 oz case, <i> shipping included</i>
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Earthy Delights is proud to offer these premium American Bison Tenderloin Steaks from the North American Bison Cooperative.


The NABC processes prime bull and heifer bison meat in their USDA approved North Dakota facility. All animals are 24 months of age and fed clean grain for a minimum of 120 days before processing. The end result is a sweeter-than-beef taste without a hint of gaminess.


Bison Tenderloin Steaks are shipped frozen direct from the processor by UPS 2-Day shipping.




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Try tender, healthy farm-raised American Bison & taste the difference



Product of the USA

One case of twenty 8-oz bison tenderloin steaks, SHIPPING BY UPS 2 DAY SERVICE INCLUDED








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Filet of Beef Wellington
While there are many variations of Beef Wellington, this one - which includes truffles - is one of the best.

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Roast Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Ragout
A tenderloin made extra special with the addition of fresh wild mushroom. Like being in heaven here on earth!
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Tenderloins Forestiere
Slicing the beef tenderloin before cooking lets it do so quickly. The wild mushroom-ramp sauce adds some rich, rustic flavors to the meat.
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Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin with Mushroom Risotto
Remember to allow at least 40 to 50 minutes for the risotto to cook. Charlie Trotter suggests partially cooking the risotto earlier in the day, using only three-quarters of the mushroom stock. Refrigerate it in the pan, then just prior to serving, return the pan to the heat. Add the remaining mushroom stock in ¼ cup additions and continue with the recipe as directed. This recipe is from Charlie Trotter's book "Charlie Trotter Cooks at Home" published by the Ten Speed Press.
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Beef Tenderloin Steaks Stuffed with Morels
A new twist on a classic recipe. Using dried morels adds a dusky, smoky, earthy note to the rich flavors of the beef. Simple to make yet tastes gourmet.
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Beef Tenderloins Stuffed with Morels and Ramps
This is not a difficult dish to prepare, and it sure to bring the house down. The brandy adds a delicious undertone to the rich,earthy flavors of morels and ramps. Make plenty of the sauce, you just can't get enough!
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Beef Tenderloin with Wine Sauce
A sophisticated version of a comfort dish. If you want a stronger flavor to your sauce, add additional amounts of the beef stock. If you want to take away some of the flavor's "edge," then add a heaping teaspoon of sour cream and whisk it in vigorously.
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Beef Wellington
The classic Wellington for special occasions! Don't even think of counting calories on this one...but the flavor is worth each one!
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Filet of Beef Tournelle
This recipe starts with a basic steak, but adds some real flair with an interesting combination of ingredients and an altogether different presentation. It's one of those "magical combination" dishes: it isn't difficult to make, but it creates a spectacular impression. Use only very fine quality tenderloins for this dish, and be sure to stick with tender, fingerling potatoes. And one more thing, the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of Madeira... use the real thing. Just add candlelight for a romantic dinner.
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Tenderloin of Beef with Cornichon Tarragon Sauce
Cornichons are flavorful, crunchy little French pickles. This is truly a special occasion dinner, complete with a wine sauce. Please remember that when you transfer the cooked beef tenderloin to a platter, the platter should be preheated. Using a cold platter will quickly cool the tenderloin, which can make it tough.
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Tenderloins with Stilton Sauce
This recipe is adapted from one by Sara Moulton, hostess of "Cooking Live." The tenderloins should be lean, luscious, and tender. The great British blue cheese is a classic, with the texture of soft butter, with greenish veins set off against a pale cream-colored paste. It is a British contender for the "king of Cheese".

Drink a deep, rich, red wine with the steak and let your taste buds dance the samba!
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