Black Truffle Pasta

Black Truffle Pasta
Simple yet intriguing.

1/2 package capellini pasta
1/2 package frozen peas
1/4 stick unsalted butter
1 ounce shaved fresh black truffles
1 1/2 tsp. black truffle oil
1/2 ounce white wine vinegar
1 small minced shallot
1 bunch onion grass, or chives, minced


Cook the pasta according to package directions.


Add the peas to the boiling water about one minute before the pasta is cooked.

Drain well and toss in the butter.

Make a truffle vinaigrette by combining the black truffle, the truffle oil, the vinegar, and the shallot.

Toss the pasta in the vinaigrette, then add the chives. Check for seasoning and serve immediately.



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