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Black Walnut Pieces - per lb
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Black Walnuts have a rich flavor and crunch quite different from the familiar English or Carpathian walnut. Because of their robust, distinctive flavor, black walnut meats are used mainly used in traditional treats such as ice cream, baked goods and other confections.

Similar in nutritional composition to the milder-tasting English walnut, black walnuts are high in unsaturated fat and protein, with no cholesterol.


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Wild Mushroom Salad with Black Walnut Mustard Dressing
The aromatic black walnuts, with their distinctive flavor are a magic companion to the earthy mushrooms. An unusual salad made extra special with flavors of honey, bitter greens, lemon...an extravaganza of flavors that are unforgettable.

This recipe is adapted from one by the Chef John Ash.
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Pumpkin - Goat Cheese Cheesecake
There are a lot of good recipes for pumpkin cheesecake, but the addition of a little fresh goat cheese puts a subtle spin on a new holiday classic. The mild tang of creamy fresh goat cheese adds interest and truly sets this cheesecake apart from the others.
We first tried this cheesecake several years ago, and it's been a part of our holiday traditions ever since.
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Raspberry Valentine Cookies
The red raspberry jam shows through the heart shape in the top layer. You can cut these into any shapes you want and serve them any time of the year! Use a different colored jam for variety. How versatile!
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Brandied Cheese, Walnut, and Pear Crostini
This is a truly elegant holiday dish, especially when paired with a bowl of fresh grapes. It's rich and hot and absolutely marvelous served with a dry white wine in front of a crackling fire.
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Walnut, Arugula & Blue Cheese Crostini
This recipe was adapted from one in Bon Appetit magazine. It is a sensation in both formal and informal settings. Perfect with a cold summer soup for a light lunch, or with fresh fruit.
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Patricia's Apricot Nut Torte
This cake is deliciously dense and moist. It's a show-stopper when baked in a spring-form pan, removed, and served on a wide platter. Do you have flowers in your garden? A small cluster of impatiens, cosmos or violas look lovely in a small triangle on top of the cake.
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Grilled Wild Mushroom Salad with Black Walnut Vinaigrette
Black walnuts possess an earthy, intense flavor very different from the "tame" flavor of the familiar English walnut. For some, this distinctive flavor is an acquired taste; for others, it's love at first bite.

Given the intense flavor of black walnuts, black walnut oil is much milder in flavor than you might expect. It has a surprisingly rich, buttery texture with complex notes reminiscent of truffle oil. It's robust enough to hold its own with full-flavored ingredients, like wild mushrooms, yet it's never overpowering or cloying.

Add the woodsy flavor of fire-grilled chanterelle mushrooms and the sweetness of ripe pears, and you just might find that this is a salad to remember.
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Iceberg Salad with Fennel, Feta and Black Walnuts
To some, Iceberg lettuce is rather 'retro,' recalling bland, uninspired salads of the 50's & 60's. For many, though, it's always been something of a guilty pleasure - not as hip or trendy as mesclun or arugula. But iceberg lettuce has never quite gone away; it obviously has something that continues to appeal to many people.

Why deny it?
Iceberg lettuce is satisfying - mild in flavor, crisp & cool. It's a great supporting player for other more assertive, distinctive flavors, like salty feta cheese, thinly-sliced fennel and robust black walnut oil.

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Harvest Fruit & Nut Bread with Gorgonzola Cheese
When the weather turns chilly, it's time to cozy up inside and do some baking. There is nothing like baking bread on a crisp fall day to fill the house with warmth and that tantalizing aroma.
For something different, try this hearty rustic loaf filled with nuts, dried fruit and the rich flavor of Gorgonzola cheese. Adding Gorgonzola cheese to bread may sound unusual, but it creates an amazing depth of flavor that only gets better after the loaf rests for a day or two. Wonderful when toasted, great with your favorite preserves or as the base for a fantastic sandwich, the hearty flavor of Harvest Fruit & Nut Bread will keep them coming back for more.
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Wild Rice & Chanterelle Salad with Dried Cherries
A salad filled with tasty morsels and crunchy tidbits that is elegant and visually pleasing. It takes a few extra steps but the result is magnificent and unforgettable!
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