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In mid-summer, the Leatherwood throughout the mighty West coast rainforest of Tasmania begins to blossom. It is as if white filigree lace made of a billion tiny flowers has settled like a mantle across this wild land. From January's magnificent flowering comes Leatherwood Honey - the extraordinary wilderness honey renowned for its piquant scent and its complex lingering palate.

Blue Hills Honey's Leatherwood Honey is produced by bees living in the heart of Tasmania's Tarkine Wilderness. One of the rarest of honeys, Leatherwood Honey is found only in Tasmania and comes from the pristine temperate rainforests of the Tarkine (home of some of the world's cleanest air and water). Blue Hills is the only apiary in the heart of this pristine environment.

Blue Hills Honey employs a cold extraction process which ensures that all wholesome, natural components of the honey are retained. Cold extracted Blue Hills Honey is an unpasteurized, low moisture honey that "candies" or crystallizes very quickly. The candied honey has a very fine texture and the consistency of butter, and is just as delicious and versatile as liquid honey. To liquify candied honey, simply remove the lid and place the jar in hot water for a few minutes. If you prefer, you can microwave small amounts of this exquisite honey briefly on 'low' to liquify.


Product of Tasmania



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