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Boquerones (White Anchovies) - 2.2 lb
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White anchovies, known as boquerones, add a salty tang of mild seafood flavor to any dish.. When added to olive oil and heated, they break up and infuse the oil. They also make a wonderful pizza topping.


These white anchovies known as boquerones are a staple for any kitchen, no matter what ethnicity’s cuisine you are inspired by the most. Anchovies are a key ingredient in so many dishes, and have earned a place in most cultures.


In America, anchovies are often found as a pizza topping, but they are so much more than that. These anchovies have been cured in vinegar, adding an extra tang to their usual salty earthy flavors. They are then packed in olive oil for a silky smooth texture that almost melts into your favorite sauces and soups.


Their distinct flavors are a great addition to any dish in need of notes of salty earthy fish flavor and there are lots of ways to get all of their delicious flavor into your dishes. For a fried dish, try adding a few of these petite cured fish to the hot oil like you would at garlic or herbs. Their silky texture will practically dissolve in the heat and infuse whatever you are frying with more depth of flavor.




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Anchovy Vinaigrette
When it comes to anchovies, most people either love 'em or hate 'em.

This simple, flavorful vinaigrette makes them easy to love and has been known to convert even a die-hard anchovy hater!

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Fresh Anchovies with Limas, Mint & Chili Oil
If you enjoy anchovies and have access to fresh, not canned, then this recipe is for you. When they're combined with Christmas limas and mint, some good chili peppers, and onion, then you have a true gourmet experience. Remember these are FRESH anchovies, and altogether different than the super salty, super fishy ones you may be accustomed to.
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Pasta Pomodoro al Forno
This is one of those Italian classics that is best made with just-picked vine ripened tomatoes. It's incredibly easy to make and is always a hit - the smell of roasting fresh tomatoes and garlic is guaranteed to drive everybody to distraction.

Enjoy with a hearty Italian red wine for the perfect late summer meal.
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Spanish Style Red Snapper
Don't let the title of the recipe fool you. This is an exotic, aromatic version of a Spanish classic! The flavors and textures blend so well together it is hard to imagine all the different ingredients coming together so well. The ingredients in the vinaigrette and in the spice coating for the snapper are typically Spanish, typically zesty and amazingly appetizing.
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Caper Sauce
A basic reduction sauce...except this is a shortcut using chicken stock instead of pan drippings. Perfect when pressed for time.
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