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Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Extract - 100ml
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Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Extract is rich, sweet and aromatic with a special touch of sunny southern heritage and charm.


Madagascar bean extract is known and loved for its pure, classic vanilla flavor and smooth floral notes. Aging it in bourbon barrels that were once filled with the Bluegrass State's finest bourbon adds to the complexity of this premium quality vanilla extract and makes it a uniquely Kentucky spun rendition.


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Saffron & Vanilla Infused Honey
These three simple, ancient ingredients – honey, saffron and vanilla – combine to create a never-to-be-forgotten flavor that is beyond words. It’s easy to make, stores indefinitely and will change the way you think about that simple gift of the bees – honey. Drizzle this luscious, fragrant honey over mild or sharp cheeses, fruit, yogurt, freshly baked goods, waffles and desserts – it’s equally fantastic with grilled or smoked meats and fish.
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Fresh Cherry Tartlets
Using fresh cherries without cooking them really brings out their bright, summery flavor. When we can get them, we love to use Balaton cherries in this simple dessert. Balaton cherries have loads of tart cherry flavor, but are sweeter than other pie cherries, so they really don’t need any additional sugar. If you can’t find fresh Balaton cherries, use dark sweet cherries instead.
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Meyer Lemon Tartlets with a Scandinavian Cookie Crust
Inspired by the traditional Scandinavian filled cookie called “sandbakkel,” this crisp, lemony tartlet is just the right size for one. With a filling of tangy-sweet Meyer lemon curd and a baked meringue topping, it looks like a miniature version of a classic lemon meringue tart, but it’s suprisingly easy to make.
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Real Hot Chocolate, From Scratch
Our recipe for hot chocolate includes three ingredients that subtly enhance the natural flavors of chocolate: chile pepper, vanilla and cinnamon. You can vary the amounts according to your personal taste, or even omit them altogether. Hot chocolate brewed from minimally processed chocolate liquor delivers all of the complex flavors derived from whole cocoa beans. “Chocolate liquor” is the term used for the thick paste that results when whole cocoa beans are fermented, roasted, crushed into ‘nibs,’ and lastly, finely ground. All real chocolate begins with this raw ingredient. This chocolate liquor (also called chocolate mass or paste) consists of 100% cacao – both the cocoa solids and rich, oily cocoa butter. Heavily processed, mass produced cocoa powders just can’t compare with the real thing.
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Chestnut Marmalade (Marmellata di Castagne)
Chestnut marmalade is nothing like a citrus marmalade; there’s not a drop of citrus in it. Smooth & creamy, full of sweet chunks of chestnut, chestnut marmalade is delicious spread on hot buttered toast, but it also makes a wonderful addition to cakes, cookies and other desserts. Chestnut marmalade also just happens to be quite easy to make. It does take a little bit of effort to remove the shells from the fresh chestnuts, but it’s worth it. And if you really want to make it easy, you can even use frozen or preserved chestnuts that have already had the shells removed.
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Spirited Cherry Clafouti
While sweet cherries are traditionally used in this dessert, there are as many regional variations as there are fruits, including tart cherries, plums, pears, and blackberries, but we utilized some sweet, dark cherries that had been previously soaked in vodka for a month (see “Sweet Cherry Cordial“ recipe ). The alcohol-infused cherries pack a potent punch, even after cooking. This makes for a double treat – a great dessert and an after-dinner drink all in one.
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Crepes with Sweet Cherries
This version is an homage of sorts to the Hungarian palascinta. Very similar to French crepes, Hungarian palascinta are paper-thin pancakes served rolled, folded into triangles or filled, sometimes with fruit, cheese or even savory meat stuffings. Palascinta are tender, delicious and actually quite easy to make – and their batter doesn’t require the several hours of resting time typical of French crêpes. If you can make pancakes, you can make palascinta.
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Truffle Honey Crème Brûlée
There are two things that make this version of crème brûlée different from others. First, we used duck eggs for extra richness. Second, we used truffle honey for a touch of mysterious flavor and sweetness. They all come together in one intoxicating dessert, fit for a king.
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Bamboo Rice Coconut Pudding
Rice pudding is the very definition of ‘comfort food.’ It really doesn’t get any more basic than this. The pudding itself is made of only 5 ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your pantry. Our version was inspired by the Thai classic, Mango Sticky Rice, but rice pudding is a concept that is truly international and every culture has a version all its own. You don’t have to use bamboo rice, of course, but we really like it in this recipe. Not only is it a glutinous, short grain rice (perfect for rice pudding!), but it’s also very tasty and the delicate celadon-green color is exceptionally attractive.
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Brined Pork Chops with Maple-Vanilla Glaze
It might seem counter-intuitive, but brining any cut of meat can make it significantly juicer and more tender.

How? The brine increases the amount of moisture in the meat, allowing more of it to remain in the pork as it cooks. While some cuts can benefit from long brining times (up to 24 hours or more), even an hour of brining can produce a markedly moister, more flavorful pork chop.

Various seasonings can be added to the brining mixture to enhance the taste, but use restraint and allow the natural flavor of the pork to shine through. Vanilla might seem to be an odd ingredient to pair with pork, but when used correctly, it adds a subtle, but delicious note to the naturally sweet, rich flavor of the meat.

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Pignoli (Pine Nut Cookies) with Fennel Pollen
Pignoli (Pine nut cookies) are often thought of as Christmas cookies, but their delicate flavor and crisp texture make them a natural accompaniment to light, summery desserts like fresh fruit, ice cream & sorbet. This recipe varies from the traditional version in several ways, most notably by the use of fennel pollen, instead of ground fennel seed. While fennel pollen has the same distinctive anise-like flavor as fennel seed, it's much lighter, more delicate and less cloying.

These cookies only take 15 - 18 minutes to bake up crisp & golden brown, so they won't heat up the kitchen on warm days - and their intoxicating aroma is guaranteed to drive everyone in the house (if not the entire neighborhood) wild!
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Sweet Cherries with Balsamic Cream
Cherries are one of our favorite summer fruits. While they are wonderful when eaten fresh, just as they come from the tree, they can also form the basis for wonderful fruit desserts. This summery dessert is very light & simple - just right for warm afternoons - but still delicious and rather special.

Fruits & berries with balsamic cream will not hold up for very long. Mix this dessert up no more than an hour or two before serving. It's probably best to add the balsamic cream and pepper about 15 minutes before serving. The cherries & whipped cream are wonderful served on their own, but for a special touch, add some crisp almond wafers, a slice of angel food cake or top a homemade shortcake.

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