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Bourbon Smoked Sugar  -10 oz
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Bourbon Smoked Sugar starts with raw, minimally processed sugar.


The naturally rich, sweet caramel flavors of this raw sugar are enhanced by smoking over American Oak staves from barrels that were used to age Kentucky bourbon. The smokiness of this one-of-a-kind sugar adds a spectacular finish to many beverages, desserts and entrees, including grilled poultry, fruit crisps, pies, cookies, creme brulee and cocktails. The smoky aroma is powerful, but the flavor is surprisingly mellow and delicate. A very cool product from Bourbon Barrel Foods of Louisville, Kentucky.


Net Wt. 10 oz (283 grams)


Product of USA




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Green Almonds with Smoky Chipotle Salt
Green Almonds have an unusual fresh grassy flavor and an appealing vegetal crunch. Their pleasantly natural acidity and raw texture are enhanced by the smoothness of olive oil and the sweet-salty-spicy flavor of a seasoned sea salt blend.
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Chipotle Marmalade
Here is a wonderful recipe, generously contributed by Marsha Rea, who says her kids love using this as a condiment instead of ketchup.

Not only is its sweet and smokey-spicy flavor great with roasted meats, it can also be used on everything from scrambled eggs to grilled cheese sandwiches!
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Maple-Oat Scones with Bourbon Smoked Sugar
Our Maple-Oat Scones combine some of the best features of both traditional British scones and non-traditional American-style scones. Sweet enough to enjoy without jam or preserves (but go ahead anyway), they get a boost of flavor from that most American of sweetening agents, pure maple syrup. One final touch – Bourbon Smoked Sugar – puts the flavor and crisp, crackly texture of these scones right over the top.
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Pawpaw Crème Brûlée
Many experienced cooks seem to be intimidated by the thought of making crème brûlée. That’s a real pity, because a great crème brûlée is not really that hard to make. It’s not that often that we get to have this much fun in the kitchen. I mean, you get to cook with a blow torch. Who can’t like that?
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