Brie Couronne - 2.2 lb
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Imported from France, Brie Couronne is consistently excellent. Creamy and rich without being cloying. Wonderful served with baguette, apples and walnuts.

Brie is characterized by an edible, downy white rind and a cream-colored, buttery-soft interior that should "ooze" when at the peak of ripeness. Though several countries (including the United States) make this popular cheese, Brie from France is considered the best.


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Hot Brie & Mushrooms Wrapped in Phyllo
Watch this Brie decadence disappear like magic! Truly food for the Gods and your dear friends. If you're baking several at once, preheat the oven to 450 degrees, then lower it to 400 when you put them in the oven.
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Brie Baked in Puff Pastry
Try this out at your next dinner party and listen to the oohs & aahs!

Brie baked in buttery puff pastry makes a spectacular presentation (and tastes even better than it looks), but it's remarkably easy to prepare.

While wonderful with a simple accompaniment of fresh fruit, nuts or veggies, you can dress it up even more by topping the brie with your favorite preserves, tapenade or mushroom duxelle before encasing it in the flaky puff pastry shell.

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