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Buddha's Hand Citron is an exceedingly fragrant citrus fruit that is frequently described as "lemon-like," even though there is no juicy pulp beneath the rind. But the haunting aroma of the Buddha's Hand is far more delicate than that of the common lemon.
Buddha's Hands are one of the most ancient of citrus fruits and derives their name from the resemblance of closed-fingered "hands"  to praying hands. In China and Japan, the Buddha's Hand is revered for its scent and is used predominantly for perfuming rooms, clothing and other personal items. Buddha's Hand can be candied or, as it is in Sichuan province, prepared in a hot pickle.
Typically bright yellow in color, the Buddha's Hand has up to 20 long yellow "fingers." Used primarily for its flavorful zest, the Buddha's Hand makes a spectacular marmalade.
See our recipe, "Buddha’s Hand Citron & Meyer Lemon Marmalade" on the Earthy Delights Recipe Blog.



Buddha’s Hand Citron & Meyer Lemon Marmalade
This is simply one of the best marmalades we’ve ever tasted, and we’re not just saying that because we made it ourselves. Easy to make, it’s even easier to eat. Try it slathered on everything from toasted English Muffins to tender crepes to fresh-baked scones. It even makes a great last-second glaze for roasted poultry or pork. We’re sure you’ll find a thousand different ways to enjoy the unique flavor of the odd, but easy-to-love Buddha’s Hand.
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