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Pine Nuts, also known as Pignoli, have been a delicacy in many cuisines for centuries. Perhaps best known as an ingredient in the world-famous sauce "pesto," pine nuts have been eaten since the Paleolithic period. Pine Nuts are the nut which is produced from several varieties of Pine Trees. The strong flavor of Pine Nuts mellows with cooking and is replaced with a nutty, almost sweet taste.


Suggested Use: Pine Nuts are delicious toasted and sprinkled on salads, pilaf, couscous or pasta. Pine Nuts are a main ingredient in traditional pesto sauce and a primary ingredient in Italian pignolia cookies. They're also a tasty addition to pizza, quick breads and muffins.


Ingredients: Pine nuts. (Contains tree nuts).


Basic Prep: Add Pine Nuts directly to recipe or toast for a nuttier flavor. Do not toast pine nuts when using in cookies or other baked recipes.


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Basil Pesto
The classic! So easy, yet elegant. Be sure to make extra whenever you whip up a batch . Pesto can be used in a variety of ways; for example, put a dab in minestrone soup, use as a filling for tortelloni or mix into your favorite potato or pasta salad.
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Mushroom & Pine Nut Cornbread with Cranberry-Maple Butter
Cornbread has a robust taste and texture that is great on its own, but which also makes it very adaptable to other flavors. Since mushrooms are generally in abundant supply at Earthy Delights (and their earthy flavor is very simpático with that of corn), we naturally had to try our hand at making a version of cornbread with mushrooms. As expected, the addition of mushrooms made the cornbread moist and flavorful, yet yielded a toothsome, slightly chewy texture and crisp crust. With pine nuts and rosemary contributing a woodsy note, and a generous slather of easy-to-make Cranberry-Maple butter melting over the top, you’ve got an instant classic on your hands.
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Stuffed Matsutake Mushrooms
Matsutake mushroom possess a particular flavor and aroma that is both subtle and unmistakable at the same time. The best matsutake preparations enhance, rather than overpower, their delicate notes of pine, sandy earth, cinnamon and saffron. A small amount of finely chopped fresh rosemary and some whole pine nuts seemed to be just the right additions to the simple bread crumb stuffing used in this recipe. Matsutake mushrooms can benefit from a little acid flavor, so we decided to use sourdough bread crumbs in addition to the more traditional Japanese panko.
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Pignoli (Pine Nut Cookies) with Fennel Pollen
Pignoli (Pine nut cookies) are often thought of as Christmas cookies, but their delicate flavor and crisp texture make them a natural accompaniment to light, summery desserts like fresh fruit, ice cream & sorbet. This recipe varies from the traditional version in several ways, most notably by the use of fennel pollen, instead of ground fennel seed. While fennel pollen has the same distinctive anise-like flavor as fennel seed, it's much lighter, more delicate and less cloying.

These cookies only take 15 - 18 minutes to bake up crisp & golden brown, so they won't heat up the kitchen on warm days - and their intoxicating aroma is guaranteed to drive everyone in the house (if not the entire neighborhood) wild!
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Dried Cranberry & Pine Nut Scones
Moist, tender scones, packed with tart, chewy dried cranberries and woodsy pine nuts, are a welcome treat any time of the day – from breakfast to late-night snack. Baked to a light golden-brown, these scones are as tasty as they are pretty and they’re both quick and easy to make, so you can enjoy them hot from the oven whenever you like.
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Pesto Deviled Eggs
Even someone who adores deviled eggs can get tired of making them the same way over and over and over. In this updated version of the classic recipe, the addition of savory pesto make deviled eggs especially tasty.
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