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Calasparra Rice is different than other rices. It's a uniquely Spanish rice, a rice with a long history, like the country itself. Calasparra rice is the result of a long, slow maturation process which produces a rice that is far superior for paella and other traditional Spanish rice dishes. This maturation process results in a very dry rice grain, enabling it to absorb far more of the flavorful broth and spices than other short grain rices.  It is precisely these properties that make this rice the best suited for paella and other traditional Spanish dishes.


Unlike most other Mediterranean rices, Calsaparra rice is grown in the high mountains of Spain's Murcia province, where it is irrigated by pure, cold mountain waters. Calasparra rice is grown free from pesticides and herbicides and is processed without the use of any chemicals.


For the finest, authentic Spanish dishes, use an authentic Spanish rice - use Calasparra rice. You'll notice the difference.

1 kilogram (2.2 lb)


Product of Spain




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Paella a la Valenciana
Adapted from a recipe by Penelope Casas, author of the book, Food and Wine of Spain.

When paella is knowingly and lovingly prepared, it is a creation of elegance. There are many versions of paella Valenciana, some simple, others complex. Feel free to experiment with your ingredients to make this recipe your own and you will be delightfully surprised with the results!
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Ramp Risotto with Blue Cheese
Our ramp risotto captures the freshness of spring by using the two parts of the plant – the bulb with stem and the green leafy tops – differently. The pungent bulb, with its distinctive flavor and potent garlicky bite, goes in early in the cooking process. The long, slow simmering tames the sharpness and infuses that unique ramp flavor throughout the risotto. The ramp greens which have previously been blanched and pureed, are stirred in near the end of the cooking process to preserve both their vivid color and fresh flavor. Lastly, a crumble of tangy blue cheese tops the warm risotto – a perfect accent to the rich, earthy flavors of the ramps and creamy texture of the rice.
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Honey Truffle Arborio Rice Pudding
Over the past few weeks, we’ve been enjoying the newest truffle on the scene, the Hungarian Honey Truffle (Mattirolomyces terfezioides). Of course, it’s not a “new” truffle – it’s been around forever, but it’s new to most American truffle-lovers, and there aren't many, if any recipes around. We started by thoughtfully tasting a paper-thin slice of honey truffle. In some ways, the honey truffle is like other mild-flavoed truffles; it starts off with a very pleasant, mushroom-like aroma and flavor, but a difference soon becomes apparent. After a moment or two on the tongue, the honey truffle develops a delightfully long, sweet honey-like finish. The more we tried it, the more we liked it. Definitely unusual and eminently intriguing! Is it a dessert? Is it a risotto? Perhaps it’s a bit of both. In any event, it’s a keeper.
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Saffron Risotto with Grilled Shrimp
Wonderfully rich and creamy, this classic dish is only enhanced with saffron. Grilling the shrimp instead of boiling it and adding at the end, which is the usual way, adds a new smoky dimension to an already irresistible risotto.
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Roast Turkey Risotto with Mushrooms
An original use of leftover Thanksgiving turkey that goes beyond sandwiches and soup. Here's how to turn a leftover dish into an elegant masterpiece! The risotto is a soft, creamy mixture, though the grains of rice retain their shape. The addition of mushrooms adds to the feast of tastes and textures.
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Roasted Garlic and Thyme Risotto
A fine quality risotto takes your taste buds by surprise because it's just not what we expect from rice. This gradual method of cooking rice brings out the starch and the subtle, nutty flavor of the rice. Combine it with some interesting ingredients, and it can easily take over as a main course. A well-prepared risotto will be soupy in consistency, and each grain of rice should be chewy. For a real treat, drizzle some white truffle oil over individual servings.
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