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Calasparra Rice - 1 kg (2.2 lb)
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Calasparra Rice is different than other rices. It's a uniquely Spanish rice, a rice with a long history, like the country itself. Calasparra rice is the result of a long, slow maturation process which produces a rice that is far superior for paella and other traditional Spanish rice dishes. This maturation process results in a very dry rice grain, enabling it to absorb far more of the flavorful broth and spices than other short grain rices.  It is precisely these properties that make this rice the best suited for paella and other traditional Spanish dishes.


Unlike most other Mediterranean rices, Calsaparra rice is grown in the high mountains of Spain's Murcia province, where it is irrigated by pure, cold mountain waters. Calasparra rice is grown free from pesticides and herbicides and is processed without the use of any chemicals.


For the finest, authentic Spanish dishes, use an authentic Spanish rice - use Calasparra rice. You'll notice the difference.

1 kilogram (2.2 lb)


Product of Spain




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Roast Turkey Risotto with Mushrooms
An original use of leftover Thanksgiving turkey that goes beyond sandwiches and soup. Here's how to turn a leftover dish into an elegant masterpiece! The risotto is a soft, creamy mixture, though the grains of rice retain their shape. The addition of mushrooms adds to the feast of tastes and textures.
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Saffron Risotto with Grilled Shrimp
Wonderfully rich and creamy, this classic dish is only enhanced with saffron. Grilling the shrimp instead of boiling it and adding at the end, which is the usual way, adds a new smoky dimension to an already irresistible risotto.
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Truffled Lobster Risotto
An elegant meal for a special occasion.
Although the risotto itself must be prepared just before serving, the lobster broth and meat can be cooked earlier in the day. Serve this classic, a first course, not as an accompaniment.

The extra work of making the lobster stock out of the shells and then cooking the rice with it heightens the aromatic flavors, and extracts the maximum flavor out of every bit of the crustacean.
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Risotto with Leeks and Radicchio
There's something so wonderfully subtle about a creamy risotto. This one gets some extra zest from leeks, garlic, the mildly bitter radicchio, Parmesan, and Italian parsley. A classic!
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Risotto with Truffle Oil
A well-prepared risotto will be creamy, chewy, and mild in flavor. This neutrally flavored background is enhanced with the flavors of garlic, shallots, and wine, then punctuated with the wonderfully mysterious flavor of white truffle oil. This is a fine dish served with red meat, poultry or grilled rack of lamb and a very dry Tuscan wine. Serve the truffle oil on the table, as opposed to mixing it with the risotto ahead of time.
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Roasted Garlic and Thyme Risotto
A fine quality risotto takes your taste buds by surprise because it's just not what we expect from rice. This gradual method of cooking rice brings out the starch and the subtle, nutty flavor of the rice. Combine it with some interesting ingredients, and it can easily take over as a main course. A well-prepared risotto will be soupy in consistency, and each grain of rice should be chewy. For a real treat, drizzle some white truffle oil over individual servings.
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Ramp Risotto
This unique version of risotto is made using a combination of Arborio rice, which is standard for risottos, and wild rice, which goes well with the wild flavor of the ramps.
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Paella a la Valenciana
Adapted from a recipe by Penelope Casas, author of the book, Food and Wine of Spain.

When paella is knowingly and lovingly prepared, it is a creation of elegance. There are many versions of paella Valenciana, some simple, others complex. Feel free to experiment with your ingredients to make this recipe your own and you will be delightfully surprised with the results!
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Two Rices with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Cherries
A delicious, elegant, woodsy-flavored side dish for poultry or wild game. It can be cooked mostly in advance and ready-to-eat chestnuts may be successfully substituted, leaving you with more precious time to enjoy your guests.

This dish may also be served as a vegetarian entree.
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Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Pollo (chicken with rice) is a true classic of Latin American cuisine. Although every cook has a favorite version, the main ingredients - rice, chicken, peppers and saffron - remain the same.
South of the border comfort food at its finest!
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