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Capriole Goat Cheese O'Banon - 5 oz
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An old cheese with a new name, the O'Banon was one of the first cheeses Capriole made back in 1988, when no one would buy a goat cheese that did not have a French name. While banon has been made for centuries in the Haute Provence, high profile cheesemonger Steve Jenkins made this homegrown version popular when he wrote in his Cheese Primer that Capriole's "is much, much better than any I’ve tasted in France."


Capriole O'Banon is larger and fresher than the French. While the chestnut leaves used to wrap the cheese were traditionally soaked in eau de vie, Capriole uses Woodford Reserve Bourbon. The tannins in the leaves and the bourbon combine to give this creamy, dense cheese just a hint of a kick! This cheese ages well, too. At 2 months old it's better than at 2 weeks. And visually, it’s certainly more beautiful than the French one. The new name is inspired by Frank O’Bannon, and old friend of the folks at Capriole (and former governor of Indiana).


Capriole O'Banon is vacuum packed while the chestnut leaves are still slightly wet, but it can be removed from the packaging and allowed to ripen further under the leaves.


A 2001, 2004, 2007, and 2008 American Cheese Society Award Winner!



Product of Indiana, USA



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