Champion Hill Farm Michigan Raw Honey - 16 oz
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Champion Hill Farm, in Michigan's northwestern Benzie County, is located within a few miles of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake Shore.


The hives are owned and maintained by Greg Griswold, an experienced & long time Northern Michigan beekeeper. Greg specializes in healthy honeybees, which is apparent in the care he provides them. Greg is a meticulous and thoughtful beekeeper that has an intuitive sense & keen eye for details as he respectfully nurtures his bees. He has been a long time proponent of natural methods for mite treatment, and bee health, even though these strategies are more time consuming and more costly. The pay off is in the honey.


Most of the hives are located in rural fields where the hardy star thistle plant grows wild. The honey produced from the star thistle flower is well known for its appealing sweet and mild flavor.


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Goat Cheese-stuffed Dates with Duck Prosciutto
Creamy, tangy goat cheese is a perfect for the sweetness of dried dates & wildflower honey. Add the intense savory flavor of rich duck prosciutto and nutty pecans and you've got the ideal appetizer for any occasion. Open a bottle of sparkling wine when you pass these delicious morsels at your next party and watch your guests' eyes light up!
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Beghrir (Moroccan “Honeycomb” Pancakes)
One of our favorite ways to enjoy Saffron & Vanilla Infused Honey is on Beghrir, the crepe-like pancakes traditional in Moroccan cuisine. Crisp and golden on the bottom, pale and tender on top, their delicate flavor comes from semolina flour and a leavening with yeast. Saffron, cultivated in North Africa since ancient times, flavors the honey that is poured over the top, soaking into every nook and cranny of the honeycombed surface.
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Cranachan is a dessert native to the Ireland and Scotland. It's made of a few simple ingredients and is easy to make, yet it's incredibly rich and indulgent. All Celtic countries seem to have a dessert that's a variation on this theme. It's probable that the English classic, trifle, evolved from this tradition. It certainly shares most of the same elements - sweetened whipped cream, some form of grain or cake, fresh fruit - and the local firewater, in this case, Irish whiskey!

If you prefer an alcohol-free cranachan, use a few drops of vanilla essence instead.
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Avocado Egg Rolls & Tamarind-Honey Dipping Sauce
Avocado egg rolls are not exactly a traditional dish. But unusual or not, this is a very delicious appetizer for a holiday party, or just a special touch for a family dinner. Perfect and unusual vegetarian appetizer.
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