Chirashi Sushi (Scatter Sushi)

Chirashi Sushi (Scatter Sushi)
Making a perfectly shaped or rolled sushi can be difficult and intimidating. If you enjoy sushi, but aren't sure you are ready to "roll your own", try Chirashi Sushi.
Chirashi (scattered sushi) is a style of sushi where various toppings are arranged over a bed of rice. It's a popular and common dish in Japan because it's filling, fast and easy to make.

Some typical ingredients in Chirashi Sushi include:

Steamed spinach leaves
Tamago(Sweet Omelet)
Ikura (Salmon Roe)
Green or Orange Tobikko (Flying Fish Roe)
Unagi (Barbecued eel) (available in most Asian markets)
Marinated Shiitake mushrooms
Cooked peeled prawns or shrimp
Smoked salmon or lox
Cucumber slices
Shredded carrot
Pickled Daikon radish (available in most Asian markets)
Sliced cooked octopus tentacle (available in most Asian markets)
Sliced raw sushi-grade tuna (ask at your supermarket fish counter)
Sesame seeds
Small squares of nori (prepared seaweed)



Traditionally, much care is given to the presentation; placing the items just so, and making the dish as attractive as possible. But don't hesitate to use your imagination. Just think "edible work of art" and go for it - you get the idea.

Making Chirashi Sushi
Depending on the size of the bowl, fill it approximately half full of prepared sushi rice. Don't pack it down.

Place your garnishes (pickled ginger, wasabi etc) inside at one edge and then lay out the ingredients of your choice.

Traditionally, 9 toppings are used, but you can use whatever you have at hand. There is no fixed recipe and you don't need to use raw fish either.


Perfect as an appetizer or main course served at room temperature.



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