Chocolate-Mint Ganache

Chocolate-Mint Ganache
Chocolate ganache is so easy to make you can almost do it in your sleep. But it's so good, everyone will think you actually had to work at it. That's the kind of recipe I like!

This recipe uses only three ingredients - chocolate, heavy cream and 100% natural peppermint oil. Use it warm as a sauce for ice cream, as a glaze for cakes or drizzled over cupcakes or eclairs! Chilled, it can be scooped & rolled into 1 inch balls and dusted with cocoa powder to make divine chocolate-mint truffles!

1 lb semi-sweet chocolate discs
2 cup heavy cream
½ tsp pure Michigan peppermint oil


Place chocolate in a large heat-resistant mixing bowl.


Heat cream in a double boiler or microwave until almost boiling. Pour cream over the chocolate and allow to stand for a minute or two while the hot cream softens the chocolate.
Stir continually with a whisk until the chocolate and cream are completely smooth and blended.

Add the peppermint oil and whisk again to incorporate.

Warm gently to use as a sauce with your favorite ice cream or dessert.

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