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Columela 30 year Sherry Vinegar - 25.4 oz
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True sherry vinegar is produced in only in the Jerez region of Spain. Palomino Fino grapes, grown in the unique microclimate of Spain's sherry region, yield a pale, delicate base wine that is then fermented to create a unique full flavored vinegar. Over many years, the traditional slow, gradual process creates an intensely flavorful deeply colored, richly aromatic vinegar treasured by connoisseurs.


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Gazpacho Córdoba Style
A classic Cordoba style gazpacho, which includes bread as an ingredient. Very refreshing and satisfying. The sherry vinegar adds an interesting dimension.
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Chipotle Molé Wings
While we never really get tired of original Buffalo-style wings, sometimes it’s fun to break out of the routine and try something new, exciting and deliciously different. In this recipe, chicken wings get a south-of-the-border makeover; first, marinated with a rub of aromatic & zesty spices, sherry vinegar and garlic, then, after baking, a quick toss with a sweet and savory molé-style sauce made with smoky chipotle chile peppers and deep, dark chocolate. While the sauce is not a really an authentic molé, it’s MUCH easier and faster to make, and this classic combination of flavors creates a spicy and mouthwatering coating that tastes nothing short of terrific.
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‘Lagrimas del Sol’ Hot Chile Sauce
We used a mixture of the “Garcia chiles,” which we got from our friend, John, and bright red ‘Cowhorn’ chiles, a thick-walled Cayenne-type which is said to be the largest of the hot chiles. The flavors and colors blended beautifully into a golden orange-yellow sauce which we dubbed “Lagrimas del Sol” (Tears of the Sun). It’s so good and so hot that it will literally make you cry – but in a good way.
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Roasted Wild Morels with Shaved Parmesan
An interesting way to serve morels in a salad. The balsamic and sherry vinegar bring out the woodsy flavor of the morels. Elegant enough for a formal dinner.
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Warm Chanterelle and Blue Cheese Salad
This unusual warm salad makes the most of a few key ingredients to achieve a wonderful medley of flavors and textures.

The fruity, mellow flavor of fresh chanterelles makes an excellent counterpoint to the salty tang of good blue cheese. Nutty sherry vinegar and a buttery olive oil add their own notes. A salad to be savored!

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White Asparagus with Truffle Vinaigrette
Baby white asparagus is succulent and tender and lends itself to being treated like royalty, with truffles and walnut oil! This elegant preparation is extremely simple but is perfect as a salad or side dish.
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