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Varvello White Balsamic Cream - 250 ml
Dried Hibiscus Flowers - per lb
Casina Rossa Puttanesca Sauce - 17.6 oz
Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar - 8.45 oz
Melfor Alsatian Seasoned Vinegar - 500 ml
PONS Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16 oz
PONS Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16 oz
Stony Brook Delicata Squash Seed Oil - 6.3 Oz
Pistachio Oil - 8.45 oz
Urbani Black Truffle Oil - 250 ml
La Truffiere White Truffle Oil - 250 ml
La Truffiere Lemon Oil - 8.45 oz
Redoro Nostrano Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 750 ml Tin
Sonoma Smoked Olive Oil - 200 ml
Santa Fe Smoked Olive Oil - 200 ml
Divina Olives Stuffed with Garlic - 7.8 oz
Divina Olives Stuffed with Sweet Pepper - 7.7 oz
Divina Cracked Green Olives - 6.14 oz
Divina Greek Olive Mix - 6.3 oz
Spanish Arbequina Olives - 300 gr
Arnaud Nicoise Olives - 8.8 oz
Ferron Carnaroli Rice - 500 gm (1.1 lb)
Wildflower Comb Honey - 14 oz
Pure Dill Pollen - 1/2 oz
Sun-dried Tomatoes - per lb
Dried Medjool Dates - per lb
Gold Viola 6 Yr Old Balsamic Vinegar - 250 ml
Black Opera 10 Yr Old Balsamic Vinegar - 250 ml
Varvello Italian Red Wine Vinegar - 500 ml
Condi Reale Italian White Wine Vinegar - 500 ml
Frozen Summer Truffles - 4 oz
Frozen Burgundy Truffles - 4 oz
Murray River Salt Flakes - 200 gm
Red Lake Nations Wild Plum Jelly - 12 oz
Red Lake Nations Wild Chokecherry Jelly - 12 oz
Red Lake Nations Wild Plum Syrup - 8 oz
Pure Bourbon Vanilla Extract - 4 oz
Pure Tahitian Vanilla Extract - 4 oz
Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract - 4 oz
Earthy Delights Cannellini Beans - 12 oz
Earthy Delights Red Pepper Orzo - 12 oz
Earthy Delights Quinoa - 12 oz
Earthy Delights Porcini Orzo - 12 oz
BLiS Exotic Moroccan Spice Rub - 3 oz
BLiS Exotic Santa Fe Spice Rub - 3 oz
California Orange Blossom Honey - 16 oz
Thornburg & Co Heirloom Tomato Preserves - 9 oz
Thornburg & Co Peach Preserves with Brandy & Cinnamon - 9 oz
Italian Fig Jam - 7.7 oz
BLiS "B" Line Michigan Maple Syrup - 375 ml
Fair Trade Raw Cane Sugar - 24 oz
Hickoryworks Pure Shagbark Hickory Syrup - 1 pint
Pure Cane Sorghum Syrup - 8 oz

Columela Picual Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 17 oz
Item #: OLO107
Our Price: $19.50
42 units available


Columela Picual is the choice for lovers of robust olive oil!


Bold, intense and slightly peppery, Columela Picual is perfect in salads, to finish a dish - even for frying.

Use Columela Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil any time or any place you want the assertive flavor of Spanish Olive Oil to stand out!

Product of Spain



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Green Beans with Chanterelles
In this recipe, the delicate flavors of fragrant chanterelle mushrooms and tender, young green beans are well-matched. Toasted hazelnuts and a splash of dry sherry add a mellow, nutty note.
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Penne with Roasted Tomato and Garlic
This rustic pasta is a vegetarian's delight. Oven roasting the tomatoes adds a heartiness to the sauce, despite the small amount of ingredients in it.
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Grilled Salmon with Wild Mushrooms
It's not surprising that salmon pairs beautifully with wild mushrooms, fresh from the forest floor. But if you don't have access to wild mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms make a fine substitute.
You'll find the dressing to be so delicious, you'll want to use it in other recipes.
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Spanish Chorizo, Kale and Bean Soup
An exotic bean and sausage soup for adventurous cooks. A delicious variation on the basic theme but with a taste of Spain.
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Non-Blasphemous Morel Mushrooms
Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
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Simple Trumpet Royale Mushrooms
Here's a quick, easy way to bring out the best of these delicious mushrooms.
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Basil Pesto
The classic! So easy, yet elegant. Be sure to make extra whenever you whip up a batch . Pesto can be used in a variety of ways; for example, put a dab in minestrone soup, use as a filling for tortelloni or mix into your favorite potato or pasta salad.
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Pasta with Bolognese Sauce
This is a classic, traditional way to serve spaghetti in Italy. Though the recipe originated in Bologna, in the north of Italy, it is now served throughout the country. This is adapted from a recipe in the February, 1997 edition of Gourmet Magazine.
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Lamb Shanks with Orzo
Orzo is a wonderful pasta that looks like large grains of rice. But it's actually made from semolina. It's delicately flavored and chewy, and absorbs any flavors it is cooked with, while retaining its firmness. Using flavored orzo adds a new dimension to the dish.

The lamb shank ends up tender and falling-off-the-bone delicious.
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Roast Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Ragout
A tenderloin made extra special with the addition of fresh wild mushroom. Like being in heaven here on earth!
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Artichoke Risotto
An elegant variation on the sublime Northern Italian rice dish, which can be served as a sophisticated accompaniment to any number of entrees, or as an elegant first course.
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Quinoa Mediterranean
Quinoa, is a delicate, light grain and easy to digest and is higher in protein than most grains. Paired with a light Greek-style dressing, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, and Feta, it is a healthy, easy to make and elegant side dish.
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Olive Rosemary Crostini
This is a delicious way to spend a half hour while waiting for dinner. Munch on some delicious crostini - not too filling but with a wonderful variety of flavors that will prime your taste buds for dinner. Perfect with chilled Pinot Grigio.
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Wild Morels & Ramps Sautéed with Chicken Breast
This is an elegant way to serve chicken, and not at all difficult. If you really want to create a spectacular dinner, serve this with a wonderful risotto. Bring out the truffle oil!
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Grilled Tuna Steaks with Citrus-Soy Sauce
East meets West on the barbecue grill!

This savory citrus-soy sauce is a perfect complement to the rich flavor and meaty texture of fresh tuna steaks that have been seared to medium-rare on a hot grill.

With the thick tuna steaks cooking for just a single minute on each side, this entire dish takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, sauce included.

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Halibut with Morel Sauce
Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
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Chanterelle Custard with Arugula Salad
This is a gourmet experience and not difficult to prepare. Use the best quality of fresh arugula that you can find. It should have a distinctive, peppery flavor.
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Robert's Instant Salad
This wonderful recipe is adapted from one by Curtis Aikens. It requires practically no work. On a scale of one to ten, one being easy, this rates approximately minus five. On the other hand, with some fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, it makes a lovely light dinner. If you want just a little more substance, throw in some sliced avocado. It also goes very well with cold soup. This yields four servings. Don't forget the wine.
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Acorn Squash Soup
Good and hot and perfect as either the main luncheon course or as an elegant appetizer before dinner, this soup is easy to make and swirling with interesting and delicious flavor combinations. You can devise your own version by adding a dash of Tabasco or a dollop of sour cream.
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Earthy Mushroom, Wild Leek and Potato Soup
A Vichysoisse with mushrooms and wild leeks, to add a little mystery. Nice Spring flavors make this taste very exotic. Perfect for elegant luncheon or dinner.
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Risotto with Gorgonzola and Wild Mushrooms
The Gorgonzola cheese and fresh, wild mushrooms turn this risotto into an unforgettable dish which is rich, cheesy and very comforting.
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Risotto with Truffle Oil
A well-prepared risotto will be creamy, chewy, and mild in flavor. This neutrally flavored background is enhanced with the flavors of garlic, shallots, and wine, then punctuated with the wonderfully mysterious flavor of white truffle oil. This is a fine dish served with red meat, poultry or grilled rack of lamb and a very dry Tuscan wine. Serve the truffle oil on the table, as opposed to mixing it with the risotto ahead of time.
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Wild Rice with Morels and Ramps
A feast of tastes and textures, full of woodsy flavors to complement any meat or fowl dish.
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Basic Vinaigrette
In its simplest, most basic form, a vinaigrette is made of 2 or 3 ingredients - vinegar and oil, of course, and maybe salt and pepper. But you can create an almost infinite variety of vinaigrettes by following a few basic principles and adding or changing the ingredients.

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Morel & Prune Butter
This rich, flavorful butter is a versatile use of dried morels. Softened, it can be slathered on toast or perfect for crostini. A slice of this butter on top of cooked chicken, duck, pork, lamb or beef, raises the dish to gourmet levels.
Use the smallest morels you can find.

Adapted from a recipe in Food and Wine magazine.
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Basic Pizza Dough
As American as Apple Pie! Almost as easy as ordering out... The ingredients can be easily doubled if you wish to make a bigger batch, it freezes well.
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