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Columela Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 17 oz
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This wonderful olive oil is produced solely from the sweet Hojiblanca olive for a light, spicy flavor.

Soft greenish-gold color, with full body and fresh flavor, Columela Hojiblanca EVOO is especially delicious in baking and sautés.

Product of Spain


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Truffle "Potato Chips"
The ultimate potato chip! When you really want to go over the top, this is the chip of choice. Scatter a few of these alongside a gourmet sub, atop a piece of perfectly grilled fish or a sizzling steak, or stick a few into the top of a mound of fluffy mashed potatoes as an eye-catching unexpected garnish. Guaranteed to make heads turn and eyes roll!
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Ramp Aioli
Aioli is essentially a garlicky mayonnaise that is a traditional sauce and spread in the Provencal region of France. Our version incorporates a North American native, the wild ramp (or wild leek), in place of the garlic. The resulting mixture with rich flavors of egg, olive oil and pungent ramps, bears little resemblence to commercial mayonnaise. The small amount of effort required is amply rewarded by the luxurious taste & feel of a classic condiment, updated for our enjoyment.
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Pork Loin Chops with Peppered Maple-Mustard Glaze
Good maple syrup is much, much more than just a topping for pancakes and waffles. The deep, rich flavor of dark amber Michigan maple syrup and tart apples add sweetness to tender, succulent pork loin chops. Dry mustard and mustard seed contribute their distinctive tang while a generous spike of fresh black pepper provides heat.
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Pan-fried Sausages with Dark Beer and Porcini Mushrooms
We’re happy to share in Oktoberfest by presenting this hearty dish with roots in traditional German cuisine. Sausage, beer and mushrooms figure prominently in German cookery and are three of our favorite food groups, so why not enjoy them all together? What sets this dish apart is the inclusion of dried mushrooms, simmered along with the sausages in dark beer and the liquid used in their reconstitution.
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Orecchiette with Beet Greens
We used beet greens in our version of this easy pasta dish, which imparted a rosy pink-ish hue to the pasta, but you can use any hearty greens – kale, chard, arugula or mustard – with equally good results. Simply omit the butter and cheese for a completely vegetarian version. Orecchiette is Italian for “little ears” and it’s easy to see where this sturdy pasta got it’s whimsical name. Each little circular pasta disc resembles a small, rounded ear and no two are alike.
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Smoky Butternut Squash and Cacao Soup
The soup is set apart by its use of a true Latin American ingredient, chocolate – or more properly, cacao. While we Norteamericanos typically think of chocolate as an ingredient reserved for desserts, candies or sweet beverages, its raw ingredient, cacao, is an important element in many Latin American dishes, both sweet and savory. This rich, spicy soup blends the flavors of butternut squash, smoky chipotle chiles and chocolate, utilizing both unsweetened cacao nibs, the roasted & crushed fermented cocoa beans used in the production of chocolate, and deep, dark bittersweet 65% chocolate. Adapted from Gran Cocina Latina by Maricel Presilla
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