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For information on how to buy from Earthy Delights, contact us at 1.800.367.4709, or e-mail sales@earthy.com.




Fresh Pawpaws from Earthy Delights


Earthy Delights: WHERE CHEFS GET WILD!



Earthy Delights has its roots in the early days of the wild food movement. In 1986, a group of recent Michigan State University graduates, working out of a garage in East Lansing, Michigan, created a co-op to sell edible flowers, wild mushrooms, cattail shoots and other wild-harvested foods to local restaurants and food enthusiasts. Over the next three decades, the company grew and evolved, adding an extensive selection of exotic and specialty foods to the lineup, and becoming a premier and trusted resource for professional chefs across the country.

Today, Earthy Delights remains dedicated to those original ideals of providing unique, quality specialty foods with a strong emphasis on wild-harvested, traditional and artisanal foods, and remain committed to providing the very best in personalized customer service.


Fresh Pawpaws, an Earthy Delights specialty.
Earthy Delights is THE source for this nearly forgotten unique, heirloom fruit. Pawpaws, North America's largest native fruit, have a creamy, custardy texture with a subtle exotic tropical flavor.

For more information on how to buy from Earthy Delights, please contact one of our salespeople at 1.800.367.4709, or e-mail us at sales@earthy.com.






Meet the Earthy Delights Sales Team!


Ann Marie Pooler - Sales Manager


My job is to assist the Sales and Purchasing teams at Earthy Delights, to ensure that our customers get exactly what they need. My priorities are top notch customer service, detailed product knowledge, product sourcing, creative shipping solutions, and general problem-solving.


I really love what I do, particularly working with my team, our customers and foragers. The seasonality of many of our products keeps things fresh and exciting - my personal favorite is springtime, when our Michigan foragers bring us jewels from the forest!


I’m proud of my 21+ years at Earthy Delights (joined the company in 1996), during which time I have had a variety of leadership roles. I grew up working in our family restaurant, and put myself through college at Michigan State University by working in various Lansing, MI area restaurants, so I definitely have a deep understanding of the business. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, biking, playing the piano, gardening and art.


Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 118

Direct line: (517) 253-7418



Chambre Beauvais - Commercial Account Representative


I help chefs and purchasing agents solve their sourcing needs by offering ideas and advice on new products, how to use our specialty products, and providing the stories behind our unique offerings that help them sell their creations. Since I still miss the challenges and rewards of running a fun, creative, and intellectually inspired kitchen, I satisfy my “foodie jones” by talking food with like-minded creative young chefs, and enjoy sharing what wisdom I have gained from 27+ years in the business.


Before joining Earthy Delights in 2009, I worked my way through the ranks in both the front of the house and the heart of the kitchen in chain restaurants, country clubs, independently owned restaurants, and B&I operations throughout Michigan, Arizona and the US Virgin Islands. I earned a BA from Michigan State University in both Philosophy and Finance, and have significant coursework toward an MBA, as well as in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. In my spare time I enjoy international travel, food & wine, organic gardening, sailing, music festivals and the beach.

Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 127

Direct line: (517) 253-7428

Email: chambre@earthy.com



Jennifer Champagne - Channel Account Director


I help both inside and outside sales teams at Gordon Food Service and other distributors, by educating them about the products that Earthy Delights offers, as well as supplying POS information and product usage tips. I LOVE working with my sales people, and LOVE introducing them (and their chefs) to new and ahead-of-trend products. I honestly love my job!


I joined the Earthy team in 2011; before this, I was the Buyer/Manager for two different specialty food/wine retail stores, as well as a Sommelier. I attended Michigan State University, and love to travel, cook and laugh!


Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 116

Direct line: (517) 253-7416

Email: champagne@earthy.com













 Stefanie Anderson - Commercial Account Representative



I work hard everyday to help chefs and distributors fulfill their needs for specialty products and ingredients, because I truly believe that everyone deserves the highest quality food, and will bend over backward to source whatever my customers want and need.


I have been with Earthy Delights since 2011, as part of a lifelong career in foodservice -- ranging from Salad Bar Queen at a chain steakhouse, to General Manager of a high volume, 350 person capacity restaurant/bar. Proud and unapologetic Cat Lady, in my spare time.

Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 112

Direct line: (517) 253-7412

Email: stefanie@earthy.com














 Megan Deleeuw - Outside Sales Representative



Everyday I help chefs access our high quality and unusual ingredients by brainstorming menu ideas, and simplifying and streamlining their access to good food. I enjoy meeting and connecting with chefs and find myself inspired by their passion and drive, and take pride in consistently being honest, genuine and trustworthy with my customers. I enjoy efficiently connecting them to the products they need, as well as introducing them to new products.


Before joining Earthy Delights in 2016, I worked on an organic farm in France, worked in urban/organic farming in Detroit, and started (2010) and continue to run my own certified organic farm. My degrees in Political Science and Philosophy are from Central Michigan University, and when I’m not working, I love cooking, growing food, hiking, reading, travel, and researching the history of my 170 year old farm house.

Phone: (734) 718-5506

Email: megan@earthy.com


















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