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Cordillera Purace 36% Milk Chocolate Discs - per lb
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Cordillera Purace 36% Milk Chocolate presents a balanced mixture of soft chocolate, bringing out nut flavors, rounded with milky and buttery aromas and vanilla notes that delight the palate.

Designed and developed by chefs, Chocolate Cordilleras are created from a balanced and exquisite mix of hybrid Trinitario cacao of 100% Colombian origin that is highlighted by a roasting and conching process that best accents its unique traits. Chocolates Cordillera are easy to work with and possess have beautiful color, sheen and texture.


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Double Chestnut Milk Chocolate Truffles
Chestnuts add both flavor and creamy texture in this clever take on chocolate truffles

Submitted by Candy Barnhart, Makawao, Hawaii

Third Place Prize Winner 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Crepes with Sweet Cherries
This version is an homage of sorts to the Hungarian palascinta. Very similar to French crepes, Hungarian palascinta are paper-thin pancakes served rolled, folded into triangles or filled, sometimes with fruit, cheese or even savory meat stuffings. Palascinta are tender, delicious and actually quite easy to make – and their batter doesn’t require the several hours of resting time typical of French crêpes. If you can make pancakes, you can make palascinta.
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