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Cordillera Tayrona 53% Semisweet Chocolate Discs - per lb
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Cordillera Tayrona 53% Semisweet Chocolate is characterized by soft chocolate notes with hints of nut and red berry, fresh blueberries and vanilla.

Designed and developed by chefs, Chocolate Cordilleras are created from a balanced and exquisite mix of hybrid Trinitario cacao of 100% Colombian origin that is highlighted by a roasting and conching process that best accents its unique traits. Chocolates Cordillera are easy to work with and possess have beautiful color, sheen and texture.


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Oaxaca Chocolate Torta
Black Garlic Recipe Contest Grand Prize Winner
Congratulations to Diane Nemitz of Ludington, Michigan for her winning recipe entry "Oaxaca Chocolate Torta"!

Diane's recipe was selected for its originality and highly imaginative use of ingredients, including the featured ingredient, Black Garlic. Her clearly written preparation instructions were also a big plus! While Black Garlic might not be something you would typically think of using in a dessert, we found that its mellow sweetness and mild tang added the perfect touch to this deep, dark chocolate torta. Try it yourself and see what you think!

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Yummy Cherry Chews
These delicious morsels are perfect for Valentine's Day, or any day, for that matter. They taste best when made with high quality chocolate.
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Chocolate-Mint Ganache
Chocolate ganache is so easy to make you can almost do it in your sleep. But it's so good, everyone will think you actually had to work at it. That's the kind of recipe I like!

This recipe uses only three ingredients - chocolate, heavy cream and 100% natural peppermint oil. Use it warm as a sauce for ice cream, as a glaze for cakes or drizzled over cupcakes or eclairs! Chilled, it can be scooped & rolled into 1 inch balls and dusted with cocoa powder to make divine chocolate-mint truffles!
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