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Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms

This distinctly trumpet-shaped member of the chanterelle family possesses an wonderfully elegant, buttery flavor. Known as the "poor man's truffle," or "horn of plenty," black trumpets have a natural, smoky aroma that makes them a perfect accompaniment for beef or lamb.

Feature Black Trumpet mushrooms in a sauce served over meat or poultry. Also excellent in risottos, omelettes, and quiche.

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Triple Wild Mushroom Pizza

Who wants pizza?.


This "from-scratch" pizza is guaranteed to thrill both mushroom lovers and pizza lovers in general (which includes just about the entire world).


What makes it TRIPLE wild mushroom? Well, we've added mushroom powder to the crust, dried mushrooms to the sauce and sauteed mushrooms on top. We've kept other, competing toppings to a minimum to allow all that wonderful mushroomy goodness to shine through.


Take that, Old Man Winter! You're not getting any.

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Savory Mushroom and Gruyère Strata
This layered casserole, perfect for an easy, make-ahead brunch, but classy and substantial enough for a satisfying dinner, features savory cheeses, eggs, and a whole lot of hearty mushroom flavor.

Think of strata as nothing more than a savory bread pudding. It's easy to make and can even be prepared the night before and baked just before you're ready to serve it.

Stratas aren't as well known as other classic casseroles. Many people have never even heard of them. But stratas combine all the classic elements of breakfast - eggs, milk, bread and cheese - and you can easily add or change ingredients around to suit the contents of your pantry or your appetite!

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Black Trumpet Mushrooms a la Plancha
Not only is the black trumpet edible, it is absolutely delicious. A member of the chanterelle family, it's highly prized for both its wonderful smoky, earthy flavor and crisp, firm texture

This recipe is our version of a Spanish mushroom "tapa," the quintessential Spanish bar food. "A la Plancha" literally means "cooked in a skillet" and this savory and delicious dish is at its best when served piping hot in individual casseroles.
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