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Dried Calmyrna Figs - 1 lb
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So succulent - they ripen and partially dry on the tree for full honey-like flavor. More Potassium than bananas, and full of chewy sweetness. Large, with light yellow-green to golden yellow skin; pulp amber to light strawberry; fresh flavor good, very sweet; the standard of excellence for whole dried figs. Ours are grown in California
Dried Calmyrna Figs


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Roasted Chestnut, Fig, and Cornbread Stuffing
An eclectic blend of flavors that is easy to make. Don't wait for Thanksgiving to serve this delicious side dish. You can cut the preparation time by using ready-to-eat chestnuts without compromising the flavor in the least.
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Double Cranberry-Orange Chestnut Bread
Here’s a holiday fruit & nut bread that EVERYONE can enjoy. Unlike the dense, heavy traditional fruitcakes filled with luridly colored candied fruit, our Double Cranberry-Orange Bread is light in texture and not too sweet. Each bite is bursting with tangy fresh and dried cranberries, plus orange zest & juice. It’s the perfect end to a meal or accompaniment to a cup of tea or hot cocoa on a brisk wintry night. You can mix and match any of your favorite dried fruit and nuts. This recipe lends itself perfectly to variations.
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