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Dried Chipotle Chile Pods - 1 lb
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Earthy Delights Chipotles are a true culinary gem. The distinctive flavor of the Chipotle or “smoked chile” is created by smoking and drying fresh jalapeño chile peppers. This process gives the jalapeño a unique, medium-hot smoke flavor that continues to entice a global palate.

To reconstitute, soak the Chipotles in hot tap water for 20–60 minutes or until soft, then drain. Toasting the Chipotle before re-hydrating will enhance the depth and complexity of the flavor, but keep in mind toasting is not required in the use of the Chipotle.

The Chipotle will last for 12 to 24 months if kept in low humidity and alone in a plastic bag or container.


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Smokin' Chipotle Salsa
Wow! Nothing beats the fragrant, smoky chipotle chile when it comes to flavor. No wonder this smoked ripe jalapeno is one of the "hottest" chiles around. Be careful - this salsa is simple, spicy - and addictive!

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Chipotle Marmalade
Here is a wonderful recipe, generously contributed by Marsha Rea, who says her kids love using this as a condiment instead of ketchup.

Not only is its sweet and smokey-spicy flavor great with roasted meats, it can also be used on everything from scrambled eggs to grilled cheese sandwiches!
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Chipotle Chili Pepper Rub
Rub on beef roasts or steaks before barbecuing or oven-roasting them. So few ingredients yet it brings out some big flavors.
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Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Chile & Chestnuts
An unusual combination in a salad that tastes heavenly. An elegant presentation of deliciousness.
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Morel-Stuffed Burgers on Grilled Garlic Toast with Chipotle-Lime Mayonnaise
Leaner grass-fed beef and bison naturally contain less fat than regular ground beef. Less fat is better for you, but it can lead to a drier, less flavorful burger. Our solution? Stuff those burgers with a layer of moist, buttery morel mushrooms! Nothing beats fresh morels, of course, but dried will do in a pinch, as will other mushrooms, either wild or cultivated. Lay on more flavor by spreading on the chipotle-lime mayonnaise. The smokey richness and heat of chipotle chiles is tempered by the cool lime and creamy mayonnaise. Make plenty; this zesty mayonnaise is amazing on sandwiches, and also makes a fantastic dip for veggies (we especially like it with steamed artichokes).
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Chipotle Molé Wings
While we never really get tired of original Buffalo-style wings, sometimes it’s fun to break out of the routine and try something new, exciting and deliciously different. In this recipe, chicken wings get a south-of-the-border makeover; first, marinated with a rub of aromatic & zesty spices, sherry vinegar and garlic, then, after baking, a quick toss with a sweet and savory molé-style sauce made with smoky chipotle chile peppers and deep, dark chocolate. While the sauce is not a really an authentic molé, it’s MUCH easier and faster to make, and this classic combination of flavors creates a spicy and mouthwatering coating that tastes nothing short of terrific.
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Smoky Butternut Squash and Cacao Soup
The soup is set apart by its use of a true Latin American ingredient, chocolate – or more properly, cacao. While we Norteamericanos typically think of chocolate as an ingredient reserved for desserts, candies or sweet beverages, its raw ingredient, cacao, is an important element in many Latin American dishes, both sweet and savory. This rich, spicy soup blends the flavors of butternut squash, smoky chipotle chiles and chocolate, utilizing both unsweetened cacao nibs, the roasted & crushed fermented cocoa beans used in the production of chocolate, and deep, dark bittersweet 65% chocolate. Adapted from Gran Cocina Latina by Maricel Presilla
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