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Earthy Delights Chipotles are a true culinary gem. The distinctive flavor of the Chipotle or "Smoked Chile" is created by smoking and drying fresh Jalapeño chile peppers.


This process gives the Jalapeño a unique, medium-hot smoke flavor that continues to entice a global palate.


Recipe included; see our website for additional recipes.


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Smokin' Chipotle Salsa
Wow! Nothing beats the fragrant, smoky chipotle chile when it comes to flavor. No wonder this smoked ripe jalapeno is one of the "hottest" chiles around. Be careful - this salsa is simple, spicy - and addictive!

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Chipotle Chili Pepper Rub
Rub on beef roasts or steaks before barbecuing or oven-roasting them. So few ingredients yet it brings out some big flavors.
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Chipotle Marmalade
Here is a wonderful recipe, generously contributed by Marsha Rea, who says her kids love using this as a condiment instead of ketchup.

Not only is its sweet and smokey-spicy flavor great with roasted meats, it can also be used on everything from scrambled eggs to grilled cheese sandwiches!
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