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Cinnamon Sticks - 1.25oz
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Frozen Pure Wasabi Paste - 1.53 oz
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Dried De Arbol Chiles - 1 oz

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"De arbol" literally means "treelike," and this chile with lush growth and thick woody stems is aptly named . A close relative of cayenne, it is rich brick-red, elongated and pointed. It's tannic, smokey, and grassy flavor leaves a searing, acidic heat on the tongue.

The de arbol is a wonderful addition to soups and chilis and sauces.

Recipe included; see our website for additional recipes.


Marinated Mesquite-Grilled Scallops
This exotic recipe pairs traditional Southwestern style mesquite grilling with classic Thai flavors. It works beautifully!

The dipping sauce will work very well for other kinds of seafood, too. Try it with poultry, shrimp, or fish. It improves a bit with age, so mix it up ahead of time and store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for two weeks or so.
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Water-cured Green Olives
While curing olives is a lengthy process, it's not particularly difficult. One of the easiest ways is by water curing, a method that requires repeated changes of fresh water to leach out the bitter components of the olives.

These water-cured olives are flavored with lemon, oregano, vinegar, chile peppers and garlic for a decidedly Mediterranean-style taste. You can easily vary the herbs & seasonings to best suit your own personal liking.

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Hot and Tangy Dipping Sauce
A Thai and Vietnamese-inspired dipping sauce that is so versatile and easy to make.

Try it with stuffed rice paper rolls, poultry, shrimp, or fish. It improves a bit with age, so mix it up ahead of time and store in a sealed jar for two weeks or so.
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Spicy Gochujang Chicken Stew
If your refrigerator doesn't already hold enough different hot sauces, here's another must-have condiment that is rapidly growing in popularity among heat-seekers.

Gochujang, a bold and spicy Korean condiment, is used to flavor many well-known Korean dishes, such as bibimbap, but it also makes a fantastic contribution to stews, soups and marinated meat dishes. Gochujang excels at making dishes spicier, due to the fiery ground chilis it contains, but it also adds a pleasing hint of sweetness which balances its heat and flavor.

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