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Dried Euro Porcini Mushrooms A
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Dried European Grade A Porcini have a rich, intense porcini flavor that is perfect for soups, stews, sauces and other prepared dishes. Grade A generally consists of smaller pieces than Grade AA and is of somewhat darker color, but is perfectly suitable for almost any preparation. In fact, many of our customers prefer it to Grade AA!


Delectable fresh or dried, Porcini mushrooms are among the most sought after of all wild-harvest mushrooms. Italians affectionately call them Porcini (the piglet), so-called for their plump form as they are found on the forest floor. In France they are known as Cepes; to the Germans they are Steinpilz.

Because of their remarkable flavor and meaty texture, Porcini mushrooms are one of the most highly prized wild-harvested mushrooms in the world. The robust, earthy flavor of Porcini lends itself to countless dishes from savory sauces for meat or poultry to pastas, omelets and polenta.

If you're really searching for authentic flavor, dried porcini can make the difference. Dried Porcini have a concentrated flavor and heady mushroom aroma that is fantastic in risotto, soups and truly amazing sauces.

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Bison Porcupine Balls With Wild Mushroom Gravy
These savory meatballs are stuffed with rice and bits of pasta, which poke out of the meatballs, presumably making them look like little porcupines (hence their name). The little meatballs are simmered to perfection in a rich wild mushroom gravy that is light years away from the kind made with canned soup. We loved this dish when we were kids, but now that we’re adults, we can still enjoy a slightly more sophisticated version, made with healthy, lean and flavorful ground bison and dried wild mushrooms. We also added powdered dried mushrooms to the meatball mixture, adding an additional layer of intensity to the rich mushroom flavor that permeates the dish.
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Porcini-Onion Soup with Jarlsberg Croutons
One look will tell you that this soup is first cousin to the world famous classic, French onion soup. But look more closely (and take a whiff of the heady aroma), and some differences quickly become apparent. Most noticeable is the addition of dried porcini mushrooms, which contribute a profound depth of rich flavor to this soup.
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Orecchiette with Beet Greens
We used beet greens in our version of this easy pasta dish, which imparted a rosy pink-ish hue to the pasta, but you can use any hearty greens – kale, chard, arugula or mustard – with equally good results. Simply omit the butter and cheese for a completely vegetarian version. Orecchiette is Italian for “little ears” and it’s easy to see where this sturdy pasta got it’s whimsical name. Each little circular pasta disc resembles a small, rounded ear and no two are alike.
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Chicken Cacciatore with Porcini Mushrooms
There are plenty of regional (and individual) variations, which may include olives, capers, anchovies and other ingredients. Our version features an Italian favorite, flavorful porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis). Many versions of this recipe also call for a whole cut up chicken, but we opted for the equivalent amount of skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs. While chicken breast meat may overcook and become tough and dry, the luscious skin and rich, dark meat of thighs are perfect for this style of preparation. Whatever your preference, don’t pass up the chance to try this classic dish. It’s rustic Italian comfort food at its very finest.
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Wild Mushroom Compound Butter
Compound butters are the smart cook’s secret weapon. Simple to make and even easier to use, compound butters can be prepared days or weeks in advance and can transform a simple dish into something extraordinary. With the tiniest bit of planning and a little bit of patience, you can create imaginative compound butters to suit any dish or occasion. Anybody can make compound butter. Many simple compound butters require little or no cooking. Begin by softening the butter to room temperature (we recommend using unsalted butter). Once the butter is soft, just mix in your desired seasonings and any other ingredients.
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Rustic Sausage and Mushroom Bread
Hearty sausage and mushroom-filled bread makes entertaining easy, wherever you are. Whether you’re packing up a picnic or simply hanging out at home, this delicious, no-fuss loaf requires no additional preparation once it’s baked. Just slice and enjoy! We’ve adapted a classic Italian holiday favorite that can be enjoyed any time of the year. There’s no need to assemble a sloppy sandwich when you make this loaf, which combines both bread and filling into one easy-to-enjoy package. The recipe scales up easily, so doubling the ingredients to make two loaves (as we did) is simple, giving one loaf to enjoy now and one to share – or to save for later!
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Chestnut, Porcini Mushroom & Pancetta Pasta
Porcini mushrooms, pancetta and pasta pair up nicely with tender, savory chestnuts in this mouthwatering dish.

Submitted by Elaine Conte

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Spaghetti with Mushroom Cream Sauce
The dried porcini mushrooms in combination with full-flavored fresh mushrooms make this pasta deliciously luxurious. You can be creative and add any mushrooms you like. The Marsala and beef stock enrich the sauce. Substitute a vegetable stock if you prefer a vegetarian pasta.
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Loin of Pork Stuffed with Porcini
A departure from the usual bread stuffing, this mushroom stuffing gives it a "special" flair, but the process is still simple enough that you won't be spending all day in the kitchen.

This recipe is modified from one produced by Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright.
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