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Dried Guajillo Chile Pods - 1 lb
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The Guajillo Chile Pepper is the most common chile in Mexico after the Ancho. The flavor of the Guajillo is distinct, slightly fruity with a strong piney, berry under taste. Guajillo flavors dishes easily, a little goes a long way. This chile measures 3 to 5 inches in length and is about 1 inch wide. The color is a brick red with deep burgundy tones with a smooth, shiny skin. This Chile is between a 2-4 on the heat scale of 1 - 10.

Guajillo, combined with the Pasilla and Ancho, form the "holy trinity" of chiles used to prepare the traditional mole sauces.Scoville heat units 2,500 to 5,000.


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Pork Chile Colorado
If there is such a thing as Mexican soul food, this is it - carne con chile colorado, literally "meat with red-colored chile sauce." For this year's Cinco de Mayo celebration, honor the true spirit of Mexican cuisine by making this flavorful and well-loved dish.

It's easy to see where this dish gets its name - from the deep, reddish-brown color imparted by the flavorful dried chiles that are it's most important ingredients. Dried ancho chile peppers are commonly used in this dish, and they impart a complex, almost chocolatey flavor that is out of this world. Other dried chiles, like guajillos, New Mexicos or even chipotles, can be used to add subtle nuances of flavor. It's entirely up to you.

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Chile Colorado
A Mexican classic chile. So simple to make yet packed with flavors. Substitute pork, veal or venison.
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Morel-Stuffed Burgers on Grilled Garlic Toast with Chipotle-Lime Mayonnaise
Leaner grass-fed beef and bison naturally contain less fat than regular ground beef. Less fat is better for you, but it can lead to a drier, less flavorful burger. Our solution? Stuff those burgers with a layer of moist, buttery morel mushrooms! Nothing beats fresh morels, of course, but dried will do in a pinch, as will other mushrooms, either wild or cultivated. Lay on more flavor by spreading on the chipotle-lime mayonnaise. The smokey richness and heat of chipotle chiles is tempered by the cool lime and creamy mayonnaise. Make plenty; this zesty mayonnaise is amazing on sandwiches, and also makes a fantastic dip for veggies (we especially like it with steamed artichokes).
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Pozole Rojo (Mexican Pork and Hominy Soup with Chiles)
Pozole, a rich, meaty Mexican stew brimming with hominy and pork, is a dish that is served both on festive occasions and as a humble, rib-sticking everyday meal. It’s also touted as a universal remedy for late nights and hangovers, which makes it the perfect dish for the morning after. In Mexico, there is a great national love of pozole, which is a direct descendant of the ancient food eaten by pre-Hispanic people. Each region of Mexico has its own version of pozole, but de-hulled white corn, known as “hominy” in the US, is the common ingredient to all of them.
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