Dried Lobster Mushrooms
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Dried Lobster mushrooms are said to have a seafood-like flavor, but probably really get their name from their brilliant colors.  Lobster mushrooms have an almost fluorescent orange exterior that resembles a cooked lobster, with a creamy white interior. Dried Lobster mushrooms reconstitute well and retain their firmness and bright color, making them perfect for colorful, festive dishes.These wild mushrooms are also an excellent choice in stir-fries and soups, especially chowders, stews and terrines.
Like other dried mushrooms, dried lobster mushrooms are very convenient to have in your pantry.  They're always ready to go whenever you need them to perk up a favorite recipe!
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Fava and Wild Mushroom Crostini
Fava beans and wild mushrooms are the perfect combination of field and forest, both delicately sweet and robustly earthy at the same time. This is some of the best that the spring season has to offer, flavors so good and so satisfying that it’s worth a little extra effort.

These elegant crostini are perfect for a casual dinner party. They’re actually very easy to prepare and to make things even simpler, we’ve broken the recipe down into three parts: the favas, the mushrooms and the bread. Each component can be easily prepared in advance and quickly assembled just before serving.
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Lobster Mushroom Frittata
Lobster mushrooms are said to have a flavor reminiscent of shellfish, but probably get their name from their bright reddish-orange exterior and creamy white interior. Many purists will insist that the best way to enjoy lobster mushrooms is to sauté them. In reality, they work in nearly any recipe calling for mushrooms. In addition to their color, lobster mushrooms are known for their distinctive crisp texture.
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Oyster and Fennel Stew
Many people claim that lobster mushrooms have an affinity for seafood and even taste a little like lobster. At any rate, they go very well with oysters and make this hearty oyster stew memorable. Fennel pollen is an optional, but highly recommended ingredient. Its delicate flavor adds a bright note to the robust flavors of this dish.
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