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Dried Michigan Cranberries - 1 lb
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Cranberries have traditionally been associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas mainly because the holidays take place during cranberry season, however their value goes well beyond sauce or a simple decoration. Dried cranberries can be enjoyed all year long in salads, trail mixes, cookies, muffins or even as a surprise ingredient in a dish such as tabbouleh.

Dried Michigan Cranberries

Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil.


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Cranberry Sauce with Michigan Dried Cherries
If you're one of those people who like their cranberry sauce to come out of a can, then read no further. But if you like the taste of real cranberries and LOVE the flavor of dried Michigan tart cherries, then this is the cranberry sauce for you.

Light, refreshing and tangy Cranberry Sauce with Michigan Dried Cherries strikes the perfect balance with the rich flavors of roast turkey, but it's equally wonderful with pork, lamb or game. The hint of crystallized ginger is just enough to keep things interesting without going overboard. It's also easy enough for a novice cook to make with scarcely any effort, so get the kids to help. They'll be proud of their cooking prowess and the whole family can enjoy the results!

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Dried Cranberry & Pine Nut Scones
Moist, tender scones, packed with tart, chewy dried cranberries and woodsy pine nuts, are a welcome treat any time of the day – from breakfast to late-night snack. Baked to a light golden-brown, these scones are as tasty as they are pretty and they’re both quick and easy to make, so you can enjoy them hot from the oven whenever you like.
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Double Cranberry-Orange Chestnut Bread
Here’s a holiday fruit & nut bread that EVERYONE can enjoy. Unlike the dense, heavy traditional fruitcakes filled with luridly colored candied fruit, our Double Cranberry-Orange Bread is light in texture and not too sweet. Each bite is bursting with tangy fresh and dried cranberries, plus orange zest & juice. It’s the perfect end to a meal or accompaniment to a cup of tea or hot cocoa on a brisk wintry night. You can mix and match any of your favorite dried fruit and nuts. This recipe lends itself perfectly to variations.
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Turkey and Cranberry Salad
A turkey salad that is light and refreshing. Don't wait for Thanksgiving to serve it. Perfect on sandwiches, in wraps or on mixed greens.
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