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Dried Morel Mushrooms - 1 lb

Dried Morel Mushrooms - 1 lb
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Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Sampler

Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Sampler
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Dried Morel Mushrooms

Dried Morel Mushrooms
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Dried Mushroom Pieces -  per lb
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Save with our Dried Mushroom Pieces!

Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Pieces are an economical way to add great mushroom flavor to many of your favorite dishes.

Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Pieces are carefully screened to contain only broken pieces of top quality mushrooms of 1/4-inch and larger and include several of our favorites, such as morel, porcini, black trumpet, oyster, chanterelle and lobster mushrooms.

Dried Mushroom Pieces can even save you the time and effort of chopping mushrooms. Once they've been rehydrated and rinsed, they're ready to go into your favorite soup, stew, risotto or stir fry recipe.

Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Pieces:  great quality, great price, easy to use.




Wild Mushroom & Barley Soup
A hearty soup made special with wild mushrooms, fresh or dried...a little goes a long way. Good enough to serve at a formal dinner. A cozy, comfortable rustic soup that is a base for any favorite vegetable and herb additions.
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Triple Wild Mushroom Pizza

Who wants pizza?.


This "from-scratch" pizza is guaranteed to thrill both mushroom lovers and pizza lovers in general (which includes just about the entire world).


What makes it TRIPLE wild mushroom? Well, we've added mushroom powder to the crust, dried mushrooms to the sauce and sauteed mushrooms on top. We've kept other, competing toppings to a minimum to allow all that wonderful mushroomy goodness to shine through.


Take that, Old Man Winter! You're not getting any.

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Risotto with Dried Wild Mushrooms
The rich, intense woodsy flavor of this risotto dish comes from dried mushrooms. Dried porcini are traditionally used but experiment with any of your personal favorites. It makes a good first course or accompaniment to a meal of any roasted poultry or meat.
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Wild Mushroom and Gruyere Cheese Omelet
This recipe is a classic. It can also be used with Cheddar or Swiss cheese, and many people like to add sausage, bacon, ham, avocado, tomato, or bell peppers. Let your imagination take over.
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