Dried Porcini Mushrooms - 1 oz
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Delectable fresh or dried, porcini mushrooms are among the most sought-after of all wild-harvest mushrooms.


Porcini means “little pigs” in Italian, so called for their plump form as they are found on the forest floor. In France they are known as cepes; to the Germans they are Steinpilz.


With a rich, earthy flavor and heady aroma, porcini may be featured in savory sauces to accompany meat or poultry. Excellent in risottos, omelettes, or served with polenta.

Product of China


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Chestnut, Porcini Mushroom & Pancetta Pasta
Porcini mushrooms, pancetta and pasta pair up nicely with tender, savory chestnuts in this mouthwatering dish.

Submitted by Elaine Conte

Honorable Mention 2015 Chestnut Recipe Contest
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Poached Eggs & Ham with Porcini Mushroom Sauce on a Bagel
This hearty and satisfying dish is perfect for a between-the-holidays weekend brunch, especially for the morning after a late-night party. The tasty and versatile mushroom sauce makes an excellent topping for many other dishes, from meats, poultry and seafood to mashed potatoes and biscuits.
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Pan-fried Sausages with Dark Beer and Porcini Mushrooms
We’re happy to share in Oktoberfest by presenting this hearty dish with roots in traditional German cuisine. Sausage, beer and mushrooms figure prominently in German cookery and are three of our favorite food groups, so why not enjoy them all together? What sets this dish apart is the inclusion of dried mushrooms, simmered along with the sausages in dark beer and the liquid used in their reconstitution.
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Triple Wild Mushroom Pizza

Who wants pizza?.


This "from-scratch" pizza is guaranteed to thrill both mushroom lovers and pizza lovers in general (which includes just about the entire world).


What makes it TRIPLE wild mushroom? Well, we've added mushroom powder to the crust, dried mushrooms to the sauce and sauteed mushrooms on top. We've kept other, competing toppings to a minimum to allow all that wonderful mushroomy goodness to shine through.


Take that, Old Man Winter! You're not getting any.

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