Dried Shiitake Mushrooms - 1 lb
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The shiitake mushroom has been farmed by the Japanese for over 600 years. The delicious shiitake mushroom grows on cut oak logs. Its convex, cinnamon brown, thick fleshy caps make a wonderful meat substitute for vegetarians. The meaty flesh of the shiitake has a full-bodied, distinctively woodsy flavor. Originally from Japan and Korea, this versatile fungus is suitable for almost any cooking method.


Product of China




Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms
A stuffed mushroom recipe that is versatile and foolproof.
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Red Cooked Pork with Chestnuts
Red cooking refers to a classic slow braising Chinese cooking technique. Red cooking requires slow simmering for several hours with the ingredients being cooked mostly submerged in the fragrant spiced cooking liquid. Red cooked pork usually includes other ingredients, here with whole garlic cloves, shiitake mushrooms and chestnuts.
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