Dried Stir Fry Mushroom Mix
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Earthy Delights Dried Stir Fry Mushroom Mix is our own special dried mushroom blend, typical of the mushrooms used in stir frys and other Asian-style dishes. With rich flavors and intriguing textures, these mushrooms add a distinctive touch to any meal.

Earthy Delights Dried Stir Fry Mushroom Mix is perfect in Asian meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes or in savory sauces, soups, and rice dishes - use it in any dish to add an authentic taste of the East.  This premium dried mushroom blend is also a fantastic addition to many other dishes that call for a variety of mushroom flavors and textures.


Our Stir-Fry Mix consists of dried shiitake, shredded woodear, sliced button, cloud ear and oyster mushrooms.  To enjoy these mushrooms, simply soak the desired quantity of dried mushrooms in warm water for 20-30 minutes, then add to your favorite recipe.  Save that soaking liquid  and use as a stock or gravy base - it's full of concentrated mushroom flavor.


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Thai Mushroom & Coconut Soup
Thai Mushroom and coconut soup, a variation on Tom Kha Hed, makes a hearty & satisfying meal in itself, but it also makes an excellent starting point for improvisation. Add leftover shredded chicken or sliced pork, cubes of tofu, peeled shrimp or steamed vegetables – or any combination thereof – to add interest & variety. It all depends on the contents of your pantry, refrigerator or garden and your own personal inspiration.
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Vegetables with Dried Mushrooms Stir Fry
A classic stir-fry made with a blend of dried mushrooms that really adds a delicious undertone to the aromatic mixture.
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