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How "wild" is your wild rice?


Wild Rice is a unique North American grain. Technically not a rice at all, but a wild grass, the black edible kernel wild rice (Zizania aquatica) is North America's original grain crop. Canadian Lake Wild Rice is different than most other so-called "wild" rice (often referred to as "paddy" rice), which is actually produced commercially using conventional cultivation techniques.   

Wild Rice is a very nutritious grain, higher in protein and fiber than most other rices and is an excellent source of B vitamins. While it is seemingly more expensive than other rices, wild rice is actually an outstanding value, since it quadruples in volume when cooked. 

Wild Rice has a pleasantly chewy texture and a rich, but mild nutty flavor. It's often served with game, pork or poultry. Wild Rice is frequently paired with nuts, wild mushrooms and dried fruit and is outstanding when used in soups or pilafs. 

Compare Canadian Lake Wild Rice to other brands 


Look at our wild rice: you'll see that the grains are longer than most other wild rices, that the color is consistently darker and that there are fewer broken grains. 


Smell our wild rice: you'll be amazed by the intense, fresh & nutty aroma that is absent in inferior products.


Taste our wild rice: the flavor is deep, rich and pronounced - far superior to cheap, commercially harvested wild rice.


The remarkable flavor, aroma, freshness & overall quality of Canadian Lake Wild Rice speaks for itself.  Try it and see!



Product of Canada


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Wild and "Tame" Rice with Chestnuts
Here's a recipe that is not only great for the holidays, but is just as pleasing and satisfying at any time of the year. It's inspired by a traditional Japanese rice dish, Kuri Gohan (literally, rice with chestnuts), but with the addition of North American wild rice. The nutty flavor and chewy texture of wild rice really adds a new dimension to the dish. While it makes a wonderful side dish with just about any meal, it would also work very well as a stuffing for turkey or a roasting chicken.

If you're entertaining a crowd, just double the recipe up and don't worry about leftovers - this delicious rice dish re-heats exceptionally well.
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Wild Rice & Chanterelle Salad with Dried Cherries
A salad filled with tasty morsels and crunchy tidbits that is elegant and visually pleasing. It takes a few extra steps but the result is magnificent and unforgettable!
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Wild Rice and Wild Mushroom Soup
A classic and classy, delightful soup. Fresh and dried mushrooms with wild rice...what can be more natural, healthy and delicious?
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Mushroom-Stuffed Onions
This recipe is a wonderful combination of textures and flavors. The flavor of the onion itself mellows out and offers a delicious undertone to the earthy mushrooms, wild rice, and the sweet and sour apple flavors. Exotic, easy and rustic. Perfect to complement an Autumn dinner with friends.
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Wild Rice Stuffing with Mushrooms
This is a wonderful, traditional stuffing to serve for an elegant Thanksgiving dinner. Not only is it a change from the routine bread stuffing, but wild rice has a delicious nutty flavor that goes perfectly with turkey. The mushrooms add that woodsy, earthy flavor that complements the turkey and the wild rice, making this an unforgetable and delicious meal.
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Roast Pork Stuffed with Morels and Wild Rice
The sliced tenderloin makes a beautiful and elegant presentation, with each juicy slice wrapped around a filling of wild rice and mushrooms. Served chilled this makes an equally delicious meal.
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Canadian Lake Wild Rice Cakes
Wild Rice is technically not a rice at all, but rather, a wild grass native to North America. The black edible kernel of wild rice (zizania aquatica) is a very nutritious grain, higher in protein and fiber than most other rices and an good source of B vitamins. While it may seem more expensive than other rices, it's actually an excellent value, since it quadruples in volume when cooked.
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Wild Rice Griddlecakes with Golden Caviar
A bite of fine quality caviar has a wonderful tender crunch, and each tiny "crunch" bursts with an exquisite, complex flavor. The wild rice pancakes are a classic pairing with caviar. Any caviar will go beautifully with these pancakes.

Perfect as an appetizer or a light luncheon with a salad.
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Two Rices with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Cherries
A delicious, elegant, woodsy-flavored side dish for poultry or wild game. It can be cooked mostly in advance and ready-to-eat chestnuts may be successfully substituted, leaving you with more precious time to enjoy your guests.

This dish may also be served as a vegetarian entree.
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