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Bamboo rice is a beautiful and all-natural short grain white rice infused with pure fresh bamboo juice. When cooked, it retains its striking pale green color. And since Bamboo Rice tends to be quite moist causing the grains to stick together, it's perfect for sushi.

Suggested Use:
Bamboo Rice makes a striking side dish, and its pale jade green color makes it an excellent choice for other rice dishes, including sushi, risotto and pilaf.

White Rice, bamboo leaf extract.

Basic Prep:
Put 1 cup of rice & 2 cups of water in sauce pan, cover with tight fitting lid. Bring to boil, then lower and simmer for 20 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. One cup dry yields 2 cups cooked.


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Bamboo Rice Coconut Pudding
Rice pudding is the very definition of ‘comfort food.’ It really doesn’t get any more basic than this. The pudding itself is made of only 5 ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your pantry. Our version was inspired by the Thai classic, Mango Sticky Rice, but rice pudding is a concept that is truly international and every culture has a version all its own. You don’t have to use bamboo rice, of course, but we really like it in this recipe. Not only is it a glutinous, short grain rice (perfect for rice pudding!), but it’s also very tasty and the delicate celadon-green color is exceptionally attractive.
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Bamboo Rice Risotto
This is not really a risotto in the traditional sense - in fact, it's much easier to make than the usual risotto that requires many minutes of stirring and ladling of hot broth.

Instead, this recipe focuses on the mild, pleasantly grassy flavor and color of bamboo rice, an intriguing rice that is infused with the juice of bamboo leaves. A short grain Asian rice that is slightly sticky when cooked, Bamboo rice is well-suited for sushi, creamy risotto-like dishes and rice-based desserts like rice pudding.

Before cooking, bamboo rice is a striking deep jade green. However, while the color fades to a pearly celadon hue when it is cooked, the subtle herbal character of the bamboo still remains.

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Bamboo Rice Steamed in Wasabi Leaves
Rice steamed in a wrapping of leaves is nothing new in Asian cuisine. Neither is the pungent flavor of wasabi. When we recently had the opportunity to experiment with fresh, locally grown wasabi, including large, pliable wasabi leaves, it just seemed natural to combine these two distinctive elements of Asian cookery into one satisfying dish.

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Coconut Bamboo Rice Bibingka
A variation on the traditional Christmas dessert from the Philippines, ours is made with bamboo rice, which adds a subtle, soft green color. It is a comforting rice cake that tastes excellent with fresh cinnamon sprinkled on top.
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