Earthy Delights Crema di Balsamico (Balsamic Cream) - 250ml
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Earthy Delights Crema di Balsamico (we call it "balsamic cream")  is a fantastically delicious, thick, syrupy reduction of Balsamic vinegar and Trebbiano grape juice, the same juice used in the production of balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic Cream has a complex sweet-and-sour, but well balanced fruity character. Its full-bodied flavor is brimming with rich & tangy notes of ripe grapes, plums, and sun-ripened raisins.

Balsamic cream comes in a handy squeeze bottle that makes drizzling and plate decoration a snap.

For best results, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Storage life: unlimited, but best if used within 30 months after bottling.


The uses for Earthy Delights Balsamic Cream are endless.  Here are just a few of our favorites to help get you started!


  • Heirloom tomatoes with balsamic cream & EVOO
  • Bread dipping - balsamic cream, olive oil & herbs
  • Balsamic cream glazed chicken wings
  • Dessert plate decoration
  • Chocolate-balsamic cream sauce
  • Balsamic-berry sauce
  • Braised chicken with balsamic cream
  • Grilled pork chops with balsamic cream
  • Pan-fried steak with balsamic cream
  • Lemon tart with balsamic cream
  • Spedini (skewered meats) with balsamic cream
  • Ice cream with balsamic cream and dark chocolate curls
  • Roasted onions with balsamic cream
  • Pan-fried peppers with balsamic cream
  • Aged Parmagiano reggiano cheese drizzled with balsamic cream
  • Antipasti with balsamic cream
  • Ravioli with balsamic cream
  • Marinated baby artichokes in balsamic cream
  • Wild mushrooms marinated in balsamic cream
  • Carrots glazed with balsamic cream & butter
  • Beets with balsamic cream
  • Grilled balsamic-glazed salmon fillets
  • Red cabbage with balsamic cream



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Grilled Pork Steaks with Balsamic-Rosemary Glaze
Don't know what to make for dinner tonight? Chances are that you already have most of the ingredients to make this incredibly flavorful dish.

Tender & inexpensive pork steaks get a big flavor boost from a quick basting with a rich, tangy balsamic, rosemary & butter glaze. You can prepare this recipe under the broiler or on the stove top using a grill pan, but it's at it's absolute savory best when done on a charcoal grill.
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Wild Leeks in Balsamic Vinegar
This recipe is based on the classic Italian recipe, "Cippolini Agrodolce" or sweet and sour cippolini onions. It's long been one of our favorite Italian condiments.

Ed Baker, Earthy Delights company president, suggested that we try creating our own version using one of our wild springtime specialties, wild leek (or ramp) bulbs. The tangy flavor of this wild member of the onion family seemed the perfect candidate for this type of preparation.

Here's what we came up with.
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Grilled T-Bone Steaks, Italian-Style
In Italy, a great grilled steak is epitomized by bistecca alla fiorentina. Try our take on the classic recipe for an easy barbecue, featuring succulent steaks served with lemon, Italian-style.

Just pick your favorite bone-in steaks (we prefer T-bone), rub with garlic and slather with olive oil, crema di balsamico, salt, and pepper. Grill the steaks and serve them with cut lemon halves to squeeze liberally over each portion.

The result: a great juicy steak, full of mouthwatering flavor.
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Onion Confit with Balsamic Cream
Naturally sweet onion confit is the perfect condiment for roast meats and poultry (it's also great slathered on a slice of good bread). It's very easy to make and it stores well. We prefer using red onions, but regular yellow cooking onions will work just fine. This recipe is easy to multiply, so make a big batch in advance, keep it in the fridge and warm a little as needed!
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