Earthy Delights Dried Chile Sampler
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Have you always wanted to try your hand at using fragrant, flavorful and spicy dried chile peppers - but didn't know where to begin?

This could be just the sampler for you or someone you know who loves chiles! Try six of our most popular dried chile peppers - ancho, pasilla, de arbol, New Mexico, smoky chipotle and guajillo chiles, all together in one package.

Each Earthy Delights Dried Chile Sampler contains easy to follow instructions for using dried chiles and a recipe for each variety.

A must-have for anyone who savors the spicy flavors of chile peppers!


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Smokin' Chipotle Salsa
Wow! Nothing beats the fragrant, smoky chipotle chile when it comes to flavor. No wonder this smoked ripe jalapeno is one of the "hottest" chiles around. Be careful - this salsa is simple, spicy - and addictive!

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Spicy Korean Gochujang Chicken Stew
Gochujang is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Use it here and there, in varying amounts, depending on the level of heat and amount of flavor desired. It’s versatile too. Mix it with other ingredients, like mayonnaise, vinegar or oil to make your own signature spreads, dips, sauces and dressings. Add a little to stir-frys and marinades, as a grilling or basting sauce or as your secret ingredient in a one-of-a-kind barbecue sauce. It’s your choice – use it wherever and whenever you want, but you’ve got to try it. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on a whole new deliciously spicy world of flavor.
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Poached Skate With Oregon Black Truffle Butter
Skate is surprisingly inexpensive and is often readily available in the frozen section of well-stocked Asian markets. With a tender texture and mild flavor, skate is an interesting fish that is well worth seeking out. There are many classic recipes which feature this member of the ray family. One method which works particularly well with skate is poaching. It’s faster and easier than you might expect. If you make your compound butter in advance, you’ve got dinner, start to finish, in under 30 minutes.
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Pork Chile Colorado
If there is such a thing as Mexican soul food, this is it - carne con chile colorado, literally "meat with red-colored chile sauce." For this year's Cinco de Mayo celebration, honor the true spirit of Mexican cuisine by making this flavorful and well-loved dish.

It's easy to see where this dish gets its name - from the deep, reddish-brown color imparted by the flavorful dried chiles that are it's most important ingredients. Dried ancho chile peppers are commonly used in this dish, and they impart a complex, almost chocolatey flavor that is out of this world. Other dried chiles, like guajillos, New Mexicos or even chipotles, can be used to add subtle nuances of flavor. It's entirely up to you.

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Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
The sweet-savory-spicy dipping sauce known as “nuoc cham” in Vietnamese is a popular condiment used throughout Southeast Asia. One of the key ingredients is the pungent decoction commonly called fish sauce. Don't let the intense aroma put you off - the flavor is immediately addictive, complementing everything from seafood to grilled poultry & meats to vegetables. Try it once and you'll be hooked for life!
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Ancho Chile and Orange Marinade
Warming, rich, lively, but not too hot, this marinade lends verve to chicken, seafood, pork, and vegetables for grilling, roasting, braising or sauteing. It keeps for a month in the refrigerator. Adding a few spoonfuls to your favorite soup can really liven things up!
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