Earthy Delights Dried Chile Sampler
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Have you always wanted to try your hand at using fragrant, flavorful and spicy dried chile peppers - but didn't know where to begin?

This could be just the sampler for you or someone you know who loves chiles! Try six of our most popular dried chile peppers - ancho, pasilla, de arbol, New Mexico, smoky chipotle and guajillo chiles, all together in one package.

Each Earthy Delights Dried Chile Sampler contains easy to follow instructions for using dried chiles and a recipe for each variety.

A must-have for anyone who savors the spicy flavors of chile peppers!


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Marinated Mesquite-Grilled Scallops
This exotic recipe pairs traditional Southwestern style mesquite grilling with classic Thai flavors. It works beautifully!

The dipping sauce will work very well for other kinds of seafood, too. Try it with poultry, shrimp, or fish. It improves a bit with age, so mix it up ahead of time and store in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for two weeks or so.
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Hot and Tangy Dipping Sauce
A Thai and Vietnamese-inspired dipping sauce that is so versatile and easy to make.

Try it with stuffed rice paper rolls, poultry, shrimp, or fish. It improves a bit with age, so mix it up ahead of time and store in a sealed jar for two weeks or so.
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Spanish Stew
A spicy, aromatic, ingredient-filled stew. The result is memorable and satisfying. Feel free to experiment and to add more or less of anything according to your fancy. This recipe will serve 4-6.
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Pork Chile Colorado
If there is such a thing as Mexican soul food, this is it - carne con chile colorado, literally "meat with red-colored chile sauce." For this year's Cinco de Mayo celebration, honor the true spirit of Mexican cuisine by making this flavorful and well-loved dish.

It's easy to see where this dish gets its name - from the deep, reddish-brown color imparted by the flavorful dried chiles that are it's most important ingredients. Dried ancho chile peppers are commonly used in this dish, and they impart a complex, almost chocolatey flavor that is out of this world. Other dried chiles, like guajillos, New Mexicos or even chipotles, can be used to add subtle nuances of flavor. It's entirely up to you.

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Short Ribs in Ancho Chile Sauce
A hearty short rib stew with a punch! Using the dried individual chiles and preparing them yourself makes a huge difference in flavor, which can be addictive.
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Sweet and Smoky Deviled Ham
While some form of minced ham has probably been around for hundreds of years, the term "deviled ham" as we now know it, first came about when the Underwood Company started experimenting with spiced ham recipes around 1868. Soon, they received a patent on their now-famous little red devil logo and began producing deviled ham in the familiar small cans. It quickly caught on and home cooks were soon making their own versions of the stuff.

Here's a recipe with some attitude - full of intriguingly smokey, slightly sweet, seriously spicy flavor!
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Sautéed Baby Artichokes
The baby artichokes are a sophisticated first course, or side dish for any dinner party. Easy to make and a joy to eat.
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