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Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Sampler
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Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Sampler
Item #: MDS101
Our Price: $25.00


What's the big deal about dried mushrooms?

If you've never used dried mushrooms, you probably don't know just how good and how versatile they can be.

Morels, Chanterelles, Porcini, Black Trumpets, Shiitake, Oyster - they all sound so interesting.
How do you know which ones you'll like the best? Wouldn't it be great to be able to try just a little and see which are your favorites?

Here's your chance to try 6 of our most popular mushrooms - morels, chanterelles, porcini, shiitake, black trumpets & oyster mushrooms - in an attractively packaged sampler. Get one for yourself, and send one to that mushroom lover in your life.

The Earthy Delights Dried Mushroom Sampler includes 1/2 ounce of dried morels and one ounce each of all the other varieties of mushrooms, plus recipes and instructions for reconstituting and use. (cute little red basket not included)


Product of Michigan








Find delicious recipes, visit the Earthy Delights Blog!


Find delicious recipes, visit the Earthy Delights Blog!


Savory Mushroom and Gruyère Strata
This layered casserole, perfect for an easy, make-ahead brunch, but classy and substantial enough for a satisfying dinner, features savory cheeses, eggs, and a whole lot of hearty mushroom flavor.

Think of strata as nothing more than a savory bread pudding. It's easy to make and can even be prepared the night before and baked just before you're ready to serve it.

Stratas aren't as well known as other classic casseroles. Many people have never even heard of them. But stratas combine all the classic elements of breakfast - eggs, milk, bread and cheese - and you can easily add or change ingredients around to suit the contents of your pantry or your appetite!

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Cornish Game Hens with Wild Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Bacon
In the autumn, when the weather cools and a sharp nip is in the air, there's nothing more satisfying than deliciously old-fashioned comfort food. This updated classic will fill the whole house with a rich, mouth-watering aroma as it gently warms the kitchen.

Who cares if the leaves are falling? The earthiness of wild mushrooms, the mild sweetness of chestnuts and the savory flavor of braised game hens remind us that fall is the season when the summer's bounty is ready to enjoy with friends and family.
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Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta
Everybody raves about our Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta! It's fun & easy to make and you can prepare it a day or two ahead of time. We use this recipe whenever we demonstrate our products, and it never fails to make a hit.
It makes a great appetizer for any occasion and is a perfect "finger food" for parties. Don't worry about leftovers - there won't be any!
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Pasta Carbonara with Mushrooms
Rich, delicious and satisfying Pasta Carbonara is one of Rome's most famous dishes. Its origins are somewhat obscure, but it was almost certainly invented in the mid-20th century, most likely at the end of World War II when many Italians were eating eggs and bacon supplied by American troops. The classic elements of the dish are constant: eggs, cheese, black pepper and cured pork (usually guanciale or pancetta).

This is not a "saucy" dish - there is just enough of the rich, savory mixture of whole eggs, cheese and pancetta to coat each strand of spaghetti. Our version differs slightly from the traditional Italian recipe with the addition of mushrooms, but we think you'll agree that it adds a deliciously wonderful touch of flavor.
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Vegetables with Dried Mushrooms Stir Fry
A classic stir-fry made with a blend of dried mushrooms that really adds a delicious undertone to the aromatic mixture.
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Risotto with Dried Wild Mushrooms
The rich, intense woodsy flavor of this risotto dish comes from dried mushrooms. Dried porcini are traditionally used but experiment with any of your personal favorites. It makes a good first course or accompaniment to a meal of any roasted poultry or meat.
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Wild Mushroom and Gruyere Cheese Omelet
This recipe is a classic. It can also be used with Cheddar or Swiss cheese, and many people like to add sausage, bacon, ham, avocado, tomato, or bell peppers. Let your imagination take over.
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