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Our own special blend of dried mushrooms, including morels, porcini, chanterelles, oyster, shiitake, and lobster mushrooms. Made only from #1 mushrooms - no pieces!

Our Dried Mushroom Melange is perfect to make a wonderful, hearty Wild Mushroom Soup, or in savory sauces for meat and poultry. Excellent in risottos, omelettes and quiche.


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Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta
Everybody raves about our Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta! It's fun & easy to make and you can prepare it a day or two ahead of time. We use this recipe whenever we demonstrate our products, and it never fails to make a hit.
It makes a great appetizer for any occasion and is a perfect "finger food" for parties. Don't worry about leftovers - there won't be any!
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Wild Mushroom & Pumpkin Soup
This soup makes a great Fall luncheon when the air turns brisk and the leaves turn red. Serve it with hot bread and cinnamon butter for a real treat. A tasty addition to Thanksgiving dinner.
It's so easy yet tastes so delicious. It's forest magic!
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Wild Rice and Wild Mushroom Soup
A classic and classy, delightful soup. Fresh and dried mushrooms with wild rice...what can be more natural, healthy and delicious?
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Vegetables with Dried Mushrooms Stir Fry
A classic stir-fry made with a blend of dried mushrooms that really adds a delicious undertone to the aromatic mixture.
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