Extra Wide Rice Noodles - 16 oz
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These extra wide rice noodles are a popular ingredient in both Southeast Asian and Chinese cuisines. Use them in the classic Southeast Asian soup pho or in your favorite stir fry. The texture and mild flavor of these thick, wide rice noodles is very satisfying, no matter how you use them!


Soak the noodles in hot water until soft, then boil briefly or add to a stir fry along with broth to finish.


Product of Thailand


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Pad Thai
Pad Thai is often called the signature dish of Thai cuisine.
It's my "litmus test" whenever we try a new Thai restaurant - if their Pad Thai is good, chances are that the rest of menu is too.

There are many regional variations - it's been said that there is a different Pad Thai for every cook in Thailand! It even sometimes seems like a different Pad Thai every time we make it at home (largely due to the varying contents of our pantry).

Here's our favorite basic recipe.
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Sesame-Ginger Noodles with Shrimp & Scallops
An Asian-inspired recipe that is simple to prepare. The noodles soak up the flavors from aromatic spices and seafood.
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Sweet Corn Coconut Sauce with Asian Aromatics
An unusual coconut sauce to serve with rice, prawns, mussels, chicken or noodles. Very easy to make yet full of deep, complex flavors. Heavily influenced by Thai and Vietnamese cooking.
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