Fabrique Délices Duck Prosciutto Single Breast Dry Cured - 8-12 oz
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Duck prosciutto celebrates the versatility and wonderful flavor of duck breast. A special process of curing and drying the meaty breast of selected ducks produces a ham-like product which remarkably resembles the finest prosciutto.


Sliced very thin, duck prosciutto can be enjoyed the same way as "regular" pork prosciutto - but with a special flavor and character all its own.


Duck Prosciutto is stored & shipped frozen, but may arrive cold, but partially defrosted. After thawing, left over duck prosciutto should be wrapped in plastic film and kept refrigerated for up to 7 days


About Fabrique Délices

Fabrique Délices, a traditional French charcuterie company in Hayward, California, has been preparing time-honored classics alongside innovative new products for over 25 years. With an extensive product line that includes a wide variety of sausages, duck confit and country pâtés, Fabrique Délices is still firmly based in traditional handmade charcuterie techniques.


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Duck Prosciutto Butter
Everything really is better with butter! If you think duck prosciutto is already rich enough, think again. Duck prosciutto butter couldn't be simpler to make and it's a great way to use any little bits of duck prosciutto left over when you're done slicing it up . Amazingly delicious on just about anything
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Goat Cheese-stuffed Dates with Duck Prosciutto
Creamy, tangy goat cheese is a perfect for the sweetness of dried dates & wildflower honey. Add the intense savory flavor of rich duck prosciutto and nutty pecans and you've got the ideal appetizer for any occasion. Open a bottle of sparkling wine when you pass these delicious morsels at your next party and watch your guests' eyes light up!
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Chive Mini Biscuits with Duck Prosciutto
Country ham with biscuits is part of a traditional holiday meal in many parts of the US. Why not add an extra special touch by using these easy-to-make ahead mini biscuits with a slice of deliciously chewy duck prosciutto? The resulting flavors are just so darn good that you'll want to make this a regular part of your holiday tradition.
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Wild Mushroom Crepes with Duck Prosciutto, Sour Cream & Chutney
Crepes are an ideal canvas for featuring delicately flavored wild mushrooms, such as Chanterelles, Hen of the Woods (Maitake) or Hedgehogs These delicious savory crepes also make an excellent base for any variety of other toppings.
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Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Sautéed Morels
This is an elegant luncheon dish or a perfect appetizer for a special occasion. The flavor of a fine quality prosciutto works wonderfully with asparagus, and the morels make the whole package completely irresistible.

The important thing to remember here is don't let your asparagus cook until it's soggy, which is practically a federal offense.
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Marinated Green Olives with Duck Prosciutto
What is more Spanish than the olive? This delightfully simple appetizer is very reminiscent of Spanish-style tapas, small bite-sized portions of savory foods, usually eaten along with a glass of wine. If you purchase good quality olives which have already been marinated, half the work is already done. If you've been extra ambitious, you can use your own Cured Green Olives. But no matter how you prepare the olives, the end result will be wonderful.
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Parma Salad
This is a fine use of excellent quality aged balsamic vinegar. This delicious and unusual salad is enhanced by fresh mushrooms, and prosciutto, artichoke hearts, and topped with Parmesan cheese. It is also visually beautiful, making it a perfect salad for a formal lunch or dinner.
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Chicken Wellington
This stunning variation on the classic Beef Wellington features a boneless breast of chicken, topped with a mushroom-pâté mixture and paper thin-slices of cured duck prosciutto, all enveloped in a tender, flaky puff pastry crust.

While it may seem intimidating, this recipe is not all that hard to make. Broken down into several simple steps (several of which can be done in advance), it's actually quite easy to prepare. Whether you choose to serve it with or without a sauce, the result is an amazing dish that will wow your dinner guests and earn you rave reviews.

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